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by Kelsey Jones 4 years ago in cuisine

Is it worth it?

I have tried almost every kind of delivery service set to ship fresh ingredients to your house.

Now I do not consider myself an experienced chef, nor would anyone who has eaten my food previously. I have always been someone who mixed ingredients and recipes to create my own concoctions. I also have never been a fan of planning a list of needed ingredients and going to fight the crowds at a grocery store to purchase them, only to forget a key ingredient in the recipe. But thankfully, with companies like Hello Fresh, the stress is taken away from you.

As you may already know, there are SO many different varieties of companies vying to be on top of this market. I have tried pretty much every one I have come across, looking for my own perfect fit. In my personal experience, I would have to rank Hello Fresh at the top of the list. While every company does, thankfully, provide you with menus, fresh ingredients, and to the T instructions, I felt as if Hello Fresh took it a bit further and had much more detail. From their variation of menus, to offering services for people with different diet needs, and their step by step instructions on how to prepare a great meal.

Hello Fresh started out as a very small business. It began as two friends, who were wanting to help their community eat healthier and discover more recipes. They started helping ten customers in 2011. They prepackaged food, instructions, and all ingredients to their friends and family to help them become better cooks.

The menus and options that Hello Fresh provide far exceeded my expectations. I am on a dairy-free diet and I was able to choose that, along with an array of food that seemed delicious. The menus have a cooking time that is very down to specifics, but they make the recipes easy enough to follow. Their time ranges from 15-45 minutes for preparing and cooking. They keep the mess load light, as some recommend mixing different ingredients into the same bowl.

Hello Fresh is delivered in an insulated box that has methods of keeping your food cold until you can store it. Mine was on my porch for almost six hours and nothing was thawed out at all! They provide even mini bottles of distilled vinegar that are measured out perfectly. They have great customer service that goes above and beyond for anyone who decides to be their future consumers.

I enjoyed cooking all of my meals together with my husband. We cooked the three we received over the course of two hours and spaced them out for ourselves for the week. The food quality was great, and the food held up so well! The only thing that I could negatively say about this service is that they don’t seem to offer many dessert options, but being a sweets person, I thankfully have my own arsenal of desserts that I can make quickly.

I think the best thing you can do before choosing what meal plan service to order is research! Almost every company offers a free trial or coupons, which make budgeting for these services so much easier. You can even go to coupon sites like Retail Me Not to find deals that other customers have posted. Customer service with Hello Fresh has even been known to offer future consumers coupons that aren’t found anywhere else on the web.

I think that, in a world with technological advances around every corner, we are only seeing the beginning of the ease of everyday tasks provided to people who are willing to look for them.


Kelsey Jones

29 years old. I'm a fanatic of a lot of things. I'm really good at rambling about Harry Potter, Star Wars, Disney, animals, Stranger Things, and Bob's Burgers.

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