Health benefits of honey and pollen.

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Why saving the bees is essential!

Health benefits of honey and pollen.
Birds and the bees!

Honey alone is a common and in specifically in ancient Egypt like many countries around the world has been used in all classes, sweetening food was just the start of it. Well known for its medicinal properties and has been used for so by the Assyrians, Greeks, and in many other cultures.

Bees are essential for our health, natural remedies, and every day life.

Honey and bee pollen have been used for over five thousand years not only medicinally, but for spiritual purposes as well. Reaping the health benefits of honey and bee pollen has been used even in the times of the ancient Egyptians.

Bees pollination is necessary not only for the environment but for us too. When we say “save the bees” these honeycombs, bee pollen and honey is a good reason why alone!

Egyptian Hieroglyphs of Bees and beekeepers

The origins of these hieroglyphics could date back from 3100 BC

museum art

Interesting fact while I tell you some of the many uses, it has an interesting history behind it as well. Honey bees were kept in pyramids? What? Yes!

While the ancient Egyptians moved their bees up and down the Nile river when the flowers would die every couple miles so the bees could collect the nectar for the pollen bees wax and honey! This also depended on the season it was because if they weren’t taking them down the Nile they would store them. Where do you think they would store the bees?

The answer would amaze some and be old news for others.

This honey and bee pollen has an interesting back story behind it just in ancient Egypt alone and can reap so many important things for our health including having antioxidant, and antibacterial properties.

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More Spooky and Fun Factual History Behind Honey and Bee Pollen in Ancient Egypt

Honey, like cinnamon was not only used for the medicinal properties but religiously and spiritually as well. These ingredients would also be used in the embalment process of bodies.

I wonder why my mama and papa call me Kezbee, oh wait I get it now.

Animals that were deemed sacred would be fed honey cakes! These include the sacred bull at Memphis, Crocodile of Crododuplus, and the sacred lion at leontopolis.

Honey, spiritually and religiously used, what?

Honey was an offering for the dieties but was used also in ceremonial religious practices. The religion believed that if jars of honey were put in the mouths of their mummies it would give them something for eating in the afterlife.

In this practice of the ancient Egyptians using honey religiously the priest would use special equipment for the sake and purpose of the ceremony called “Opening of the mouth”

The honey would then be placed in the Gods statue, kings, mummies pharaohs and great nobles.

What happened in the afterlife?

In other ancient rituals they believed that when the man would pass away that his “ka”, or double meaning in this reference.

The part that continues after death

The belief was that his spirit and soul would take form of a bee.

This next interesting fact would not surprise you.

“Am-Taut” also called the other world, compared the hum of bees with the voices of souls.

The bee is feeding the bees!

Okay, okay. We get it!

Why is Honey and Bee Pollen Beneficial for Our Health?

Bee pollen and honey contain several different antioxidants, as well as antibacterial properties. Bee pollen has these nutritional properties as well but has many other different nutritional values as well.

Being that honey is a byproduct as well as protectant of the bee pollen, let us dig deeper for why is bee pollen so good for us? Why did the ancient Egyptians call it “life giving dust?”

These are some of the questions I give you answers for you as I have answered them for myself.

Bee pollen is what is covered by the wax and the honey, and there is also the bee glue called propolis collected by various tree species that was even kept in temples. They made it for the purpose of covering holes or cracks in their hive which goes back for saying! They were protecting their pollen.

Used by the Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians it had extensive properties for healing as well and would be kept in temples for the Gods. Only useable at certain temperatures, it like glue can become very sticky. No wonder it was called bee glue. It had been used extensively as a medicine.

How long has honey actually been around?

Picture Credit an Unknown name good painter ☀️

Bees and their history go way back and can by pictures and carvings have been traced back to 13,000 BC!

Just like we needed them then we need them now. Beekeeping alone was a skill that was taught in many different religions and practices throughout history especially to this day.

Protecting Bees is not good only for the environment but essential for us as people who use the by product of their pollination all over the world! How could we do with out honey and bee pollen if there was a shortage of bees?

Interesting in helping save the bees? Click this underlined link here!

What is Bee Pollen Made up Of?

For the win, what are the nutritional facts behind the stories and how bee honey has been made and processed throughout times in history?

It is full of carbs, fat, protein, minerals, vitamins, and don’t forget those antioxidants I mentioned earlier that honey has as well.

A break down of how many calories are in a tablespoon of bee pollen is around 40. With 7g of carbs and the fiber content being 1g and 4g of natural sugars. There is also a high level of protein that comes with the recommended daily usage of bee pollen!

It does not stop there.

Bzzzzzzz 🐝

Compared to more protein per table spoon than a kind of meat, I would call bee pollen a super food. Not only for anti-aging but with the complexity of it comes many types of nutrients. If you thought 40 calories was a lot for a tablespoon of this super food hear this.

In a tablespoon comes 250 types of nutrients that include flavonoids and vitamins. It can be took by itself under your tounge with honey cinnamon and swallowed with water or a perfect addition for adding in foods like yogurt, cereal, smoothies and oatmeal.

It is full of vitamins. A,C, and E! As well as lycopene which can be found in tomatoes, flavenols found in chocolate but also a source of resveratrol found in wine. Although consisting over 200 substances including amino acids it is made up mostly of sugars.

Also aiding in healing and a great immunity booster because of the anti-bacterial properties that it contains. A sweet treat with a lot of benefits for reaping.

For those who are allergic this would not be for you because unfortunately it would give you an allergic reaction.

How healthy is bee pollen exactly?

How bees are good for the environment✨

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