Good Eating on a Budget

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Good Eating on a Budget

Eating is a very important part of everyone's day. Depending on what you eat. that day will change your mood in many different ways. If you're anything like me and is a super picky eater then you're in luck. I know exactly how to eat with a picky mind on a little more than $20 a week per person! It's a win win for everyone.

First thing I like to start with is leftovers it may seem pretty unimportant put to me it is. In my mind I can't eat anything over 2-3 days old. Most of the time I end at 2 days old and won't eat it past that. In the end, leftovers are pretty important and it helps cut spending by a lot. So next time you throw away leftovers think about how much money you're wasting.

Next thing I like to start with is price, seems pretty self explanatory right? That's because it is. When I'm in the grocery store I tend to pick the cheapest items I can. The store I choose to go to every week LOVES to price things at 98¢ and this, in turn, makes my bank account LOVE this store. It might be off brand but it still tastes great in my opinion. The cheaper it is, the more money you will save.

After cheap is the step below and that step is sales. Most of the time if it's marked down then it's going bad and I will not buy anything going bad soon enough for it to be marked down. But in turn lots of things gets marked down due to over stock and this is my favorite kind of sale. Don't be scared to buy things for cheap; your wallet loves it and you will love whatever you bought by saving that money!

The next tip is a little random but it still works. This tip is pasta, seems pretty easy and cheap. This is because most bags of noodles are only $1 for a big bag and there are plenty of servings in that one bag. Once you measure out how many servings a single bag of noodles will last you then all you have to do is pick the sauce and whatever else you want in it and your set for a few meals! Add a side of regular garlic bread and you won't regret it. To make this garlic bread all you'll need is regular bread, butter, and garlic powder. You mix the butter and garlic and melt it in the microwave, spread it on the bread, and toss it in the oven.

Last but not least you need to buy in bulk. Most stores carry boxes with 20 or so for 1 purchase and it's cheaper. An example is ramen noodles; everyone knows the classics and that it's super cheap, but it comes in bulk and it's a prime example of buying in bulk. If you can't find something you want in bulk at your normal store, then you can look for stores that carry things in bulk for cheap. They are pretty easy stores to find so it shouldn't be very difficult.

In the end, there are many ways you can budget your food for cheap. All you need to do is look and stay on track, but most importantly do not go over your budget! You will get the hang of it so don't worry too much about it at first. I really hope this helped you work out the kinks in your food budgeting. Have a great meal and be creative with your meals!

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