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Go Vegan, Asshole!

by Vegan Asshole 12 days ago in vegan

Which Side of History Will You Stand On?

Welcome to 2021. We're embracing our innate empathy and ditching the ego to adopt the eco . We're being more compassionate to those we share a planet with and moving past this dark period in humanity. For so long, we have fed on the flesh of innocent animals. It's time to stop. We have completely ignored their sentience for our personal indulgence. It has gotten out of hand; mass-producing these products on such an industrial level it is having a catastrophic effect on our planet, we are killing them and it is killing us.

Enslaving animals, eating their bodies, and stealing their milk and eggs is inhumane and simply not what nature intended. Their bodies are being invaded against their will. They are being sexually exploited; we are forcing them to breed babies, only for us to take them away minutes after they're born so we can drink the milk intended for them. Wash, rinse, repeat until their exhausted bodies drop dead or are sent to slaughter.

Due to the high demand of these products, farming conditions are often unsanitary due to overpopulation. They are forced into cramped living areas, defecating all over each other and their dead siblings often right beside them on the floor. They are feeding on their dead siblings and their own feces, and you are eating their flesh.

These unsanitary conditions are the very reason we are experiencing a global pandemic. 3 out of every 4 new or emerging infectious diseases in people come from animals (1). Our refusal to halt the consumption of animal products has driven our world into darkness. Our planet is being destroyed at an alarming rate in order to meet consumer demand for animal flesh and fluids. Global emissions are off the charts due to animal agriculture. 1 pound of beef takes 1800 gallons of water to produce, potatoes take 119. (2) So many resources utilized to produce such little volume; it is simply unsustainable. Putting our Earth first, the choice should be obvious

As if that wasn't enough, nothing about the modern animal agriculture industry is normal, natural or necessary. Yes, we applaud our advances in science but we have completely manipulated the DNA of farmed animals in order to mass-produce them to meet the demand. Years of selective breeding and genetic modification have resulted in beings completely foreign from their true form. And YOU eat it! Chickens are bred and fed to grow so large their legs break when they try to stand. And YOU pay for it! Do you think that chicken is going to see a vet? Nope, that chicken is going to live the rest of its days in agony until its fat enough to be slaughtered for your dinner. Consumers blindly consume because they are conditioned to believe that they"need" it. We are America's petri dish and we are going to have to pay the hospital bills. Do yourself a favor and quit now.

Just because it's readily available to you in the supermarket doesn't mean the manufacturing process is just as appetizing. I wont get into it here, this is only the introduction. Do yourself a favor and watch "Dominion" on Youtube for a preview. If you make it more than 5 minutes you're stronger than me.

The suffering of these innocent beings is actively contributing to the suffering of the collective. Let us collectively end this by individually changing our everyday habits. We know its not going to happen overnight but change does really start on an individual level.

And we are making it happen! We are making a difference! More and more people are waking up to the horrors of animal farming and the fact that we can live happy and healthy lives without animal products. The demand for vegan products is growing and supermarkets & restaurants are offering more vegan options. We are providing easy vegan recipes on our website for you too!

Nothing gives us more satisfaction than watching the inevitable death of the industry. Just as they have killed and tortured so many, karma is coming full circle. The dairy sector is so desperate that they're suing alternative dairy companies for even using the word "milk" on their products. The world is turning around, but we need your help to get there.

We do not own them. This is bigger than our personal satisfaction.

Go Vegan, Asshole


1 https://www.cdc.gov/onehealth/basics/zoonotic-diseases.html

2 https://foodprint.org/issues/the-water-footprint-of-food/

Vegan Asshole
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