Ginger Tea Reviews: Gunpowder Green Tea

It'll explode! ...With FLAVOR.

Ginger Tea Reviews: Gunpowder Green Tea

Hello, everyone!

Welcome to the Ginger Tea Reviews! This is something new I am trying, for funsies (and educational purposes), in an attempt to spread the word about various types of teas, and tea products. Tea is my passion, and I am making it my goal to share my passion with the world.

Today, we are reviewing Gunpowder Green Tea.

Believe me, it sounds scarier than it is. I promise you, it will not, in fact, explode in your mouth (Although, wouldn't that be interesting? Death by tea... what a way to go). There is no gunpowder in this tea. If it explodes, it will explode with FLAVOR.

The Tea Company's Organic Gunpowder Green Tea

All of the deliciousness in one little bag

This is The Tea Company's Organic Gunpowder Green Tea. If you are looking to try Gunpowder Green Tea for the first time, I'd recommend this blend. The Tea Company prides itself on using the highest quality ingredients, and you can certainly taste it in this tea.

So, I'm sure you are all probably wondering, what IS Gunpowder Green Tea? Well, I'm glad you asked!

Gunpowder GT originates from China, particularly from the Zhejiang Province. The creation of this tea originates back to the Tang Dynasty (which started back in the year 619 and lasted until the year 907), and another name for this tea is zhū chá, which literally translates to "pearl tea." The tea did not start to become popular, however, until it was introduced in Taiwan in the 1800s. Gunpowder GT gets its name from the way the tea is rolled into little pellets, resembling the black powder pellets used in early guns; although, the light, smokey flavor and aroma could have contributed to the name as well.

Little, bitty pearls...

Tightly rolled for the best and freshest flavor.

The pellets seem really small here, but trust me, when the pellets are small and shiny like this, it indicates the tea is fresh and of higher quality. Larger pellets indicate a lower quality tea. The Tea Company's Gunpowder GT, as I said before, is all about quality ingredients.

The tea leaves are rolled to preserve flavor, and to keep the leaves from breaking and extend their shelf-life. When brewed, the tea leaves expand and unfurl, unleashing the flavors of the tea.

Brewing the Tea

Look at those pearlies unfurling...

I brewed this tea in my Perfect Tea maker. The best part about this tea maker, and the reason I chose it, is that the tea has room to unfurl in this tea maker. The downsides to things like tea bags, and even certain tea pots, is that there is not a lot of room for the tea to expand, which means a lot of the flavor isn't actually released. So, in order to get the full flavor of this extraordinary tea, I chose my Perfect Tea Maker. Plus, as a happy side note, it's rather cool watching the tea leaves open and move in the hot water.

When brewing this tea, the temperature of your water is crucial, as green teas can be sensitive. You should heat up your water to between 160° to 175°. If you do not have a water heater, the safest bet would be to heat your water until you either see some bubbles forming on the bottom of the pot, or just before the water in your kettle starts boiling. Then, to be safe, add a small ice cube to your tea leaves to prevent burning. When you burn tea leaves, it brings out an unpleasant, bitter flavor.

With this green tea, I would recommend to brew it in around 2 minutes. If you want a stronger flavor, brew it for 3 minutes, but not for any longer.

Now, the best way to try the full flavor of the tea is to smell it first. The smell plays a big part in the way the tea tastes. This tea has a warm, smokey aroma that eases the soul and mind. The flavor is earthy, with a smokey undertone that is sure to please. It is the perfect kind of flavor for a chilly winter evening, or for after a meditation session.

So, let's talk health benefits, shall we? I'm sure most of us enjoy tea just for the great flavors and such, but we should also take the time to appreciate how it helps our bodies and minds and souls.

Green Tea, in particular, is rich in polyphenols and flavonoids. Polyphenols and flavonoids are strong antioxidants that help to prevent colds and viruses from attacking the body, and protect the heart. When you drink green tea, it rapidly improves the health of the cells lining the blood vessels in the heart. Gunpowder GT is rich in those flavonoids, and those flavonoids help to improve the function of our endothelial cells, which helps to prevent clogged arteries.

Gunpowder GT also helps to improve our immune systems, by protecting it from damage from compounds called free radicals that can make you sick. Plus, those flavonoids I was talking about? They can help with weight loss, as they help to improve our metabolic system.

It can act as a pick-me-up, as there is some caffeine in Gunpowder GT. The coolest part about that? It won't give you the caffeine jitters, like most caffeinated beverages do. It just calmly wakes you up, just enough.

Green Tea is also said to help with tooth decay, lowering cholesterol, regulating blood pressure, and it can even give your skin a healthy glow.

Gunpowder GT is a plethora of health benefits that not only taste great, but will make you feel great. So, in a lot of ways, the tea is explosive; just not in a literal sense. It's explosive in flavor and health benefits.

So? Why not give it a try? You certainly won't regret it! Drink it hot, with a touch of honey, or try it iced with a lemon wedge. However you have it, you certainly won't regret it, and your body will thank you for it.

So, there you have it! My first tea review! I will be doing more tea reviews every other Thursday, and every other Saturday. There is a great big world of Tea out there, and together we can explore every last inch of it!

Until next time!

- Ginger


Have a favorite tea you think I should review? Leave a comment, and I will get right to it. I will never say no to tea.

Try it now, and see how you like it!

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