Experience The Journey Of Coffee From Farm To Cup

Journey Of Coffee From Farm To Cup

Experience The Journey Of Coffee From Farm To Cup

What is that one thing that just kicks starts your day? Coffee is a simple answer to that. Coffee is one beverage that is very popular amongst tonnes of people from many decades. The people love the aromatic smell and texture of the coffee. It is elite and awakening at the same time. The world is not unknown from coffee and its energizing properties. The caffeine, which is present in the coffee lifts your spirits. It is very refreshing for many people. Hence, it is often consumed in the morning. The strong and gritty texture with the aromas of coffee is just enough to make your mornings and the rest of the day as well. Such is experienced while catering an espresso bar.

The coffee which goes in your cup every day goes through a lot of pre-consumption processes. These pre-consumption processes are must, and also, they enhance the existing flavours. Coffee production commences from the raw coffee plant. It starts with the raw fruit of the coffee plant and ends up into the dark, aromatic beans or bean powder which adorns and rules your tastebuds. Coffee beans are the seeds, once after they are dried and roasted that it can be brewed into a humble sip.

Take a ride to how coffee process-

The entire process of coffee production starts from coffee plantation to the bean packaging that is obtained as a result of the entire process.

Once the fruits are picked carefully from the plants, the seeds are segregated and sent further. The seeds are then dried using different methods which give different results as desired. The dry coffee beans are then sent for milling. Milling involves grinding and ordering the dry coffee beans. Before grinding, there is a brief step of grading the coffee beans according to colour and size. The grinding of the coffee is an important step; it determines the flavour of a coffee in the cup. Coarse coffee grind is used in filter coffee makers while an espresso requires a very finely ground coffee. Once all these steps are completed, the coffee is then packed.

Coffee is for everyone

Coffee has grown to be very famous in recent years because it is not just a beverage but also a conversation starter. Adults and youngsters are the two age groups amongst which coffee is loved to its very core. However, adults are not lagging in loving coffee. Coffee serves every age group with a bountiful flavour. The fragrance of the coffee and its flavour lies in its bitterness. With the sensation of bitterness along with its fragrant essence, reaching its receptors; the pleasant feeling of consuming the coffee is achieved. Coffee making is often considered as art.

There are a lot of cafes which serve the best coffee, but Chic Coffee Events commenced a new concept of serving freshly brewed aromatic coffee to events. They brew the best Brazilian Arabica beans into any flavours that you enjoy like French vanilla and many others. It was conceived with the desire to serve everyone the best coffee at events, and Chic Coffee Events does that in style. They serve the best coffee to all the coffee lovers out there. They do the best Espresso Bar catering at all kinds of events like weddings, parties, mitzvahs, and corporate events.

Their expertise barista is trained to serve the best cappuccino, espresso, American coffee, mochaccino, cafe latte, and macchiato. You name it; they have it. Chic Coffee Events is the most eminent name for Coffee bar catering in Dallas.

Coffee is inarguably the best beverage that anyone can consume. Hot or Cold, it is equally delicious. It can be formal and well as an informal drink. Any flavour or type it rules your tastes buds, leaving a lingering feeling of always wanting more.

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