Eating for Longevity: Foods for a Long, Healthy Life

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Here are some ways to try to boost our health as much as possible.

Eating for Longevity: Foods for a Long, Healthy Life

It has never been more obvious than it is now what an important impact the nutrients we intake through our day have on our overall health. We’ve been told many times that greasy food, fast food and any kind of gold-colored food isn’t good for us, and there are many reasons for it. Researchers have made the effort to put together hundreds of papers that show how malnutrition is connected to the most common diseases in the world, especially cardiovascular issues and diabetes. Unhealthy eating can also affect your brain and cause premature aging, as well as cancer. Although we can’t eat everything good (despite all our efforts), we can try to enhance our food supply with the best ingredients and boost our health as much as possible, and here are some ways to do so.

A carrot a day might keep cancer away

Bugs Bunny had been teaching many generations of kids that carrots are good for them, yet somehow we still think of carrots as plain rabbit food. However, those of us who know the true value of a carrot tend to put it everywhere, every day. Carrots are a common culinary ingredient in many kitchens, and the reason for that is beta carotene, the pigment that gives the carrot its orange color. No, your skin won’t become orange from eating too many carrots, but it will help you get a better tan and even prevent skin cancer. Carrots are rich in vitamin A which is connected to our body’s immune function, reproduction, and also cellular communication. Probably the most beneficial quality of carrots is that they can protect you against age-related macular degeneration and prevent your eyesight from going bad.

Salmon will give you superpowers

If there’s one food that has so many nutritive elements that it can turn you into a superhuman—it’s salmon. Fish is an even healthier source of protein than red meat, and even more importantly, it’s rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Many studies have shown the benefits omega-3 rich foods bring, some of them being the prevention of dry-eye syndrome, improvement of overall brain health, and even prevention of heart disease. Salmon is especially rich in potassium and selenium, which contribute to a healthier thyroid gland and regulate hormonal activity. It’s more than welcome in any woman’s diet, since it can do wonders for a woman’s reproductive health.

Boost your lack of minerals and vitamins

As much as we try, some essential nutrients can’t be recovered by simply changing our diet. Nutrients such as iron or vitamin D are harder to come by using only food ingredients, so you have to rely on supplements in order to better your health. There are companies that can provide you with quality supplements, but you should rely on those with proven quality, such as health supplements from Bulk Nutrients. Keep in mind that this is not cheating, but merely a way to boost your health in a more efficient way without any consequences. Before taking any supplements, make sure to do some blood tests and check with your doctor whether you actually need them. Supplements are the easiest way to get to a healthier body, but not the only way.

Antioxidants for better thinking

Even though we can’t feel this connection, it’s been proven that how our minds function is somewhat determined by what we eat. The microbiome living in our gut has a mind of its own, and the way microbial bacteria work is very connected to how our minds work. In order to maintain a healthy microbiome, trust in the power of antioxidants. Meats, fish, milk products and whole grains are rich in antioxidants that help dissolve free radicals in our system. They help glucose get to the brain more efficiently, and consequently help you stay focused and rested for longer. Furthermore, antioxidants help improve your metabolism since they prevent inflammation, and this has been connected to preventing Alzheimer’s disease, as well.

Keep in mind that there’s no food that can help you enough if you don’t change some other unhealthy lifestyle habits along the way. Regular exercise and practicing mind-relaxing techniques will help you get the most out of any diet, and consequently, you will truly feel just like a real-life superhero should.

Marie Nieves
Marie Nieves
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