Does Parmesan Cheese Need to Be Refrigerated?

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Good old Parmigiano-Reggiano is of the most famous cheese types in the world.

Does Parmesan Cheese Need to Be Refrigerated?
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Good old Parmigiano-Reggiano is of the most famous cheese types in the world. Originated from Italy, of course, parmesan is frequently used in many cuisines around the globe. Because we all adore parmesan cheese, it's every gourmand's desire to keep their Parmigiano as fresh as possible for several weeks.

Certain types of cheese need to be adequately kept after opening the package to be as tasty and moist as on the first day. Let's find out what's the best way to preserve your parmesan cheese and include refrigerator storage.

What type of cheese is Parmigiano-Reggiano?

This famous cheese is named after Parma's province in Northern Italy, where it was initially produced. Parmesan production standard was established in the 13th-century according to the available records.

The production of Parmigiano cheese was very similar to nowadays production process. That explains how it's taste remains the same and so recognizable during the centuries.

Let's see what could be your guides to right keeping measurement when it comes to parmesan storage.

The cheese type determines how long you can be consuming one reel or package of it after opening. Parmesan is in the group of so-called "hard cheeses," making it very easy to keep fresh.

When cheese is soft, moist, and gluey, it has a lot of humidity in its composition, so they have a significantly shorter expiration date. They can also be prone to mold developing, and it's not safe for eating when that happens.

On the other hand, hard cheeses contain less moisture, so they can be eaten even with some mold spots appearing on the surface. Of course, these moldy parts need to be cut off, and after that, parmesan is ready to eat again. mold can't spread as fast as in the humid cheeses, so it won't catch the whole parmesan slice.

So, can parmesan be refrigerated?

As mentioned, parmesan not only a delicious and unique aroma cheese, it's also the easy one to keep fresh. That means it can definitely be refrigerated, and you don't have to worry about changing the taste or dry parts. However, you need to keep the parmesan in a convenient package.

Let us explain: when parmesan is vacuumed in its original box, it can be in your fridge for 2 to 4 months. How great is it to be able to enjoy it's sweet and slightly fruity taste after so much time?

If you're having second thoughts about putting it in the freezer – feel free! Parmesan can be fresh and delicious even after 8 months in the low temperatures.

However, suppose you accidentally tear the original package. In that case, you can always use the nylon bag or foil to make sure it's not exposed to the refrigerator's dry and cold air.

What's the best way to keep parmesan fresh?

The most essential info to keep in mind is that once you open the primer package, parmesan will be useful to eat for another month and a half. After that, parmesan may become so dry and hard that it's even impossible to chew it. If you are planning on leaving it outside however, make sure to learn how long can cheese sit out before it goes bad.

Also, the taste wouldn't be the same when it comes to that. True cheese lovers know that parmesan needs to be nicely packed if refrigerated. Otherwise, the time of 6 weeks of freshness can be immensely shortened.

These are the basics of the parmesan refrigerating process. It needs to be kept in low temperatures like any dairy product, but it is sensitive. Who is crazy enough to let this delicacy become all woody and tasteless?

Stick to these simple rules and enjoy its royalty's Mediterranean aroma among the cheeses – the parmesan cheese.

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