Do You Live in One of The Best Cities for Coffee?

These are the cities with the best coffee.

Do You Live in One of The Best Cities for Coffee?

As we all know, coffee is one of mankind’s greatest creations. The versatility, flavor, and caffeine content of coffee wakes us up in the morning and keeps many Americans moving through their workday. Whether it be a home coffee machine or a daily trip to Starbucks, espresso or black coffee, there are plenty of ways we satisfy our daily need for a boost.

It may also seem like some cities just have better coffee than others. The Northerner’s love for Dunkin' Donuts and Tim Hortons coffee often rivals that of Starbucks loving cities, and Miami’s traditional cafecito is on another level of the coffee spectrum. But, how can you really know which cities are best known for their coffee, besides going off flavor?

SimpleTexting recently conducted an analysis of coffee options in cities across the U.S. They compiled information such as the number of coffee shops per 100,000 people, average Yelp ratings of coffee shops, and average prices of coffee in each city to create a weighted ranking system. Some of the results are honestly surprising, so keep reading to see what they found.

The Best Cities for Coffee, Ranked

As most people wouldn’t expect, Seattle isn’t the number one city for coffee -- it’s actually Orlando. According to their rankings, Orlando had the highest score based on the factors mentioned above. Not far from Orlando (both in distance and rankings) is Tampa, which has settled into the number two spot. Pittsburgh comes in a number three, which is then followed by Portland, Washington, D.C., and Saint Louis.

The Cities That Drink the Most Coffee

In addition to the overall rankings, SimpleTexting found how many cups of coffee people in each city drink per day on average. Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Chicago residents all drink an average of three cups per day. That’s nearly 300mg of caffeine per day on average, so it’s probably safe to assume that their tolerance is high and the number of hours of sleep they get a night is low.

The Cost for a Year of Coffee

Coffee isn’t free, and if you buy your own cup of coffee every day, it can get costly. The analysis found that Philadelphians are spending the most on coffee based on how often survey respondents said they buy coffee each week outside of the home and the average price. In a whole year, somebody in Philadelphia could spend over $850 on coffee. Think about how much money somebody could save by making coffee at home just once more every week. When put into this perspective, going to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts can definitely cause some second-guessing.

The Favorite Types of Coffee in Each City

While everybody has their own personal preference of coffee, it seems as though some cities appreciate certain forms of coffee more than others. The favorite drinks around the country include cappuccinos, cold brew, espresso, lattes, and more. Cappuccinos and Frappuccinos seem to be the most widely-enjoyed by Americans. It’s also no surprise that Miami’s favorite type of coffee is espresso -- it’s hard to go without a cafe con leche or cortado in that city.

Even if your city isn’t ranked high in these rankings, don’t worry. You probably already have your favorite local coffee shop, and these rankings aren’t able to determine your own taste buds. It’s just likely that in some cities there will be more higher-rated options than others, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t good coffee shops in the worst-rated cities. If you do happen to be in one of the top cities, whether it be for travel or if you live there, be sure to stop by some of the local spots for some guaranteed great coffee.

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