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Do not miss, these four parts of the lamb are the essence

Buy lamb pick 4 parts

By milton ricardaPublished 4 months ago 5 min read

Many people will deliberately pick different parts when buying pork and beef, but often ignore them when buying lamb, thinking that the taste of all parts of lamb is similar, which is not true.

The meat quality and taste of each part of lamb are different, and the cooking methods suitable for it are also different. When buying lamb to eat, you must pick the right part to make a better lamb dish. To share with you some tips for selecting and buying lamb, when buying lamb, give priority to these 4 parts of the meat, which are the "essence" of lamb, it is recommended to know.

Buy lamb pick 4 parts.

1, sheep on the brain


Sheep on the brain does not refer to the meat on the brain of the sheep but is located behind the neck of the sheep, the spine on both sides of the rib in front of that part of the meat. Because it is close to the head of the sheep, it is named "sheep on the brain". The sheep's upper brain is close to the head and neck of the sheep, and this part is frequently active, so the meat is firm and tender, with more lean meat and less fat, and the fat is evenly distributed between the textures of the lean meat, which is like a beautiful marbling after cutting.

It is a must-have part for northerners when shabby-shabby. A simple shabby-shabby with water will bring out the top freshness of lamb, and when dipped in sesame sauce, the combination of smoothness and freshness in the mouth and the aroma of sesame sauce is just right, instantly bursting with happiness. In addition to shabby-shabby, lamb brains are also suitable for pan-frying and grilling. Simple cooking and retaining the original flavor of lamb are the rules of cooking lamb brains.

2、Lamb tenderloin


The lamb loin is the long tender piece of meat on the back side of the vertebrae of sheep, and the pork loin and beef loin are the same as a piece of meat.

Although the lamb loin is lean meat, it can be eaten tender and juicy, the meat is tight and delicate, less stinky, and suitable for fried lamb, especially stir-fry, high fire stir-fry can retain the most tender feeling of lamb loin, lamb juice can also be firmly locked, tasting more delicious. In addition, it is also suitable for frying, as fried steak, and fried lamb taste crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, so you will never get tired of eating them.

3、Lamb neck meat


The lamb neck meat is also called lamb neck meat, many people will hear this part of the meat will mostly question, think there will be as many lymph nodes as the neck of the pig, and the heart can not help but resist. Lamb neck meat is very different from pork neck meat. There are very few lymph nodes on the lamb's neck, and they are removed very cleanly when slaughtered.

There are not many bones in lamb neck meat, only a thin main bone, the rest is meat, and because the lamb neck is often lifted and down to graze and twist, this part of the meat is exercised very firm, mostly lean meat, only a very small amount of fat, and with tendons, the entrance is chewier. Lamb neck meat is suitable for stewing and eating, or when you want to wrap lamb dumplings at home, you can buy a piece of chopped meat into dumplings to eat.

4、Lamb leg meat


Although they are both leg meat, there is a big difference in the quality of the meat. When sheep are walking, the hind legs are more powerful, so the muscles of the hind legs are relatively developed and the lean meat is more fatty, while the front legs are fattier and the entrance is more tender.

Selecting the front and back legs still depends on whether you prefer to eat leaner or more fatty ones. Overall, the leg of lamb is the firmest and most sinewy part of the lamb. The front leg of the lamb is suitable for soup, more fat stew out of the lamb soup fresh, rich taste, withstand the polishing of time, stewed meat entrance delicate fat. Lamb hind legs are suitable for barbecue, the meat is firm, and grilled lamb skewers eat very chewy, tasty, and juicy.

How to select fresh and high-quality lamb.

Tip 1: Look at the color of the lamb

When selecting and buying lamb, high-quality fresh lamb is generally bright red or light red, with white fat and a certain degree of gloss. If the lamb looks dark red or dull white, the fat color is yellowish brown, this kind of lamb may be stored for a long time, so do not buy it.

Tip 2: Smell the smell of lamb

Remember to smell the smell of lamb when buying lamb, lamb itself has a stinky smell, fresh lamb can smell the stinky smell but will be relatively light, on the contrary, if the lamb is put for a long time, the stinky smell of lamb will be too strong, but also with some stinky smell, smell and feel the nose, do not buy such lamb.

Tip 3: Feel the stickiness and elasticity of the lamb

In addition, to smell and see when selecting lamb, it is best to press the lamb again, the lamb is firm and elastic to the touch, and does not stick to the hands, the pressed area can be quickly restored to its original state, it shows that it is fresh lamb. If the lamb is sticky and soft to the touch, and the pressed area recovers slowly or does not recover, it means that the lamb is no longer fresh and is not recommended for purchase.

In addition, there is the lamb that looks very watery, then it may be watered down a lamb, also do not buy.

The most common way to eat lamb is to stew it in lamb soup to eat, which is nutritious and hydrating, and sweat profusely after drinking it, which has a better effect on the cold. But when stewing lamb soup spices and seasonings can not be put indiscriminately, remember not to put cooking wine and star anise, the taste of these two easily covers the freshness of the lamb. The lamb should still be selected fresh and high quality so that the lamb can be stewed even with just a little salt.


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