Dawon's Restaurant Review

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Wild Rose Restaurant - Estes Park, Colorado

Dawon's Restaurant Review
Wild Rose Restaurant's Menu

In the mountainside town of Estes Park, there are many restaurants and variety of shops that sit in the downtown area. The one restaurant that really caught my eye was the Wild Rose Restaurant that was across street from the other restaurant inside the Old Church shopping center. I decided to cross the street and go check out the Wild Rose for myself for an evening meal. While making my way towards the Wild Rose, I noticed the amazing decor along the walkway painted in pink with the vines along the lower part of the wall to represent both its distinctive European and American themes to represent the kind of food and variety of drinks they serve there.

The Wild Rose Restaurant was established in 2016. It is owned and operated by Executive Chef Hubert "Hubi" Felden who was trained in Europe in the culinary arts. He has worked in many kitchens in both Europe and in the United States. The vision of the Wild Rose Restaurant is to provide excellent casual American and European cuisine. The menu has a variety of both European and American meals for everyone to enjoy. The one thing that makes the Wild Rose very unique are the hearts which labels their in-house favorite menu options.

I walked into the restaurant and couldn't help but admire the dark wood flooring throughout the entire building. The hostess was very polite and gracious. She took a few minutes to set up a table for me to sit at. At this point I really appreciate that very much. The artwork they have on the walls are amazing. I really admire the various pieces of artwork along the walls and the paintings on the edges of the wall presenting an everlasting beauty that brings every patron to a place of calm and serenity while enjoying the lovely food.

I ordered the Lemon Ginger Chicken sandwich with winder fries along with a Coca-Cola. The sandwich by far was really awesome as well as the pickle that accompanied the meal. The winder fries were really good. The waiter who attended to me was awesome throughout the evening. Overall, the experience was really good and I cannot complain about the small town feel in which the restaurant takes place. The vegetables that were added to this sandwich were very fresh and crisp to taste. It sounds like this restaurant does everything in house from scratch.

I appreciate the overall atmosphere the Wild Rose has to offer because it gave me a sense a calm and serenity. This allows every patron that goes to this fine establishment to experience the variety of menu options. The wonderful thing about their menu is they offer vegetarian and gluten-free options for people with dietary restrictions. Wild Rose is also a family-friendly place and offers their in-house catering for numerous events throughout the community. According to the many Estes Park residents I've spoken with, they have nothing but positive reviews about the Wild Rose's in house catering service.

The overall experience was excellent. I highly recommend that people check out the Wild Rose Restaurant and experience the fine cuisine it has to offer. I give Wild Rose Restaurant a 5 out of 5 for excellent cuisine and awesome waitstaff. I also commend the hostess for going above and beyond to provide excellent customer service to myself and everyone else that were at the restaurant on the night of Halloween. The experience of being in an establishment such as the Wild Rose Restaurant would be worth remembering forever. I would honestly return to the Wild Rose Restaurant for another lovely meal whenever I return to visit the awesome mountainside town of Estes Park.

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