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DavidsTea First impression
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A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to buy myself some DavidsTea. Davids Tea for those who are unaware, is a place with a tea for all. Any flavour you can think theres a 90 percent chance they’ll have it or be able to find you something close to it.

Let me first start off by saying the service/experience was amazing! As soon as you walk in, it is such a friendly environment. Walking through the door I was Handed two Samples of tea to try in the flavours of Frozen Raspberry and Rhubarb Cream Soda. Now I will admit I despise cold teas or coffee, however I found both flavours to be quite tasteful. There was always someone asking if you were finding everything alright or even just having a friendly conversation. They are very interactive with their customers with making sure you are getting the best experience from when you walk in the door all the way to exiting the store.

I will admit it did take me quite a while of browsing before I finally picked what I was going to get. The main dilemma I was faced with was wanting to buy so much but knowing I had a budget to stick to. Have you ever had that happen? Let me know below!

So as said after what seems like endless browsing the flavours of tea I decided to buy was Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait , which let me say is so amazing. Living An hour away from our closest DavidsTea, I got the nice young woman to pack the bag full of the tea. The price is well worth it might I add. Every time I open my bag of tea , all I can smell is literally Strawberry Cheesecake. It was almost as if I was getting ready to eat a cheesecake instead of drinking a tea.

With living an hour away if you can’t get to a store DavidsTea does have a website. One exciting part is , is that they have a rewards program.So you earn points for every purchase and once you reach a certain amount you get a reward!

Now I will admit the first cup I made in my DavidsTea Steeper was watery , but that is on me and not DavidsTea. The package does say to use 1-2 scoops and I had only used 1. The second time around I did use 2 scoops and it tasted amazing. I should have gauge it based on the sized of cup I was using so lesson was learned.

As well as getting a thing of tea I did purchase one of DavidsTeas steepers. It is super easy to use and come with clear instructions. It gives you instructions for both hot and cold options which is amazing. The best things about it is that it traps all the loose tea in the bottom of the cup as you drink it and none of the loose tea escapes into your drink. Another option they have if you don’t prefer a steeper is DavidsTea sells tea bags. You can purchase a box of teabags and fill them with the loose tea , then proceed to use them as you would any other tea bag. They have plenty of options for everybody and with 200+ flavours theres sure to be one with your name written all over it.

Overall I Give My first buying experience with DavidsTea a 5/5! For more blog posts be sure give this article a heart and maybe even buy me a tea using the tip option.


Happy Tea Drinking!

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Kailee Harrington
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