Creative Ways to Get Your Caffeine

by Tobias Gillot 9 months ago in diy

Getting a Starbucks cup is not the only way to enjoy your coffee.

Creative Ways to Get Your Caffeine

Spending money on fancy coffee is as American as apple pie. More than one-third of Americans spend more money on their coffee fix than on investing money into the stock market. Even if you don’t care about stocks, that’s still an indication that we’re spending an awful lot of cash getting caffeinated.

Caffeine is addictive, but not in a way that’s as disruptive as drugs or alcohol can be to someone’s well-being. Plus, while it’s understandable that nobody would want to risk the withdrawal headaches that come from quitting, you can get your coffee without spending quite so much money. Here are a couple of unorthodox, if not creative ways to get your daily caffeine jolt:

Join a coffee club.

A coffee club may sound like a weekly meeting where you gather with friends and sip lattes, but that’s not all it’s about (although there’s nothing that says you can’t do that with your pals whenever the mood strikes). Rather, a coffee club is more like a monthly subscription that delivers coffee to your door every few weeks. You can get coffee delivered every week or two if you consume a lot of coffee, or you can get it delivered once a month, if you’re trying to cut back on your intake.

A lot of money can be saved with a coffee subscription, in the same way you save money by subscribing to a magazine. If you buy a copy of a magazine at the checkout stand, you can expect the highest possible price. That’s because you’re only paying for a single issue. Those subscription cards that fall out of the pages are supposed to entice you to sign up for a year’s worth of issues, by paying less per issue.

So, you might pay $20 for a bag of premium coffee, if you only buy one bag. But if you sign up for six or 12 bags at once, the price could be cut in half. In short, coffee clubs are solid deals for anyone who likes a morning (or afternoon) cup of joe. It also lets you look forward to getting the mail, as a bag of coffee is a much better thing to find in your mail slot than another piece of solicitations.

Roast your own coffee.

This option is for die-hard coffee fanatics. If you’re a little bit of a control freak, then you might not want to leave the coffee roasting to someone else. Luckily, DIY coffee roasting isn’t quite as complicated as it might seem on the surface. The trickiest part might be finding a local coffee house that sells raw coffee beans. If you can’t find beans that way, you can always hop online.

You don’t even need to buy a fancy roaster, though you certainly can if money is no object. Plenty of at-home roasters get by just fine with an iron skillet or popcorn popper. Your first attempt at roasting beans won’t be perfect, so don’t expect to get a great cup of coffee right away. Instead, consider it a learning experience. Find out how to listen for the crack of a coffee bean is half the fun of roasting beans yourself.

Depending on the equipment you buy, there will be some costs associated with roasting your own coffee. It shouldn’t take long before you start saving more than you spend, however. That money can go toward a ton of other useful things. For instance, instead of patching up your leaky roof for the eighth time, you can simply buy a new Everdrain roof. You’ll also save time on your way to work. While everyone else is waiting in line at the drive-thru, you can grab your travel mug of home-roasted coffee and get a good parking spot at the office.

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