Coronavirus. We Need To Go Vegan Now.

by Samantha Wilson 6 months ago in vegan

“Coronavirus may not exist in a vegan world.”

Coronavirus. We Need To Go Vegan Now.

I read a quote on Facebook this morning. Simple words yet a profound truth.

"Coronavirus may not exist in a vegan world."

Bang on, I muttered, as I continued to scroll to view the other wretched news. It is incredibly sad but true.

As the coronavirus sweeps the world on a killing spree, it's time to face our wicked ways.

Yes, we humans may have caused this pandemic. While we continue to exploit animals, we will continue to face the risk of future pandemics.

Investigations carried into the source of the pandemic indicate that the outbreak occurred at a "wet" live food market in China, selling both live and dead animals. There are early indications that the virus originated in the bat population, and may have spread to the food chain by infecting another animal. The virus mutated into a strain that could be passed from animals to humans. Whether the mutation occurred before or after infection is unclear.

What is clear is that while we continue to exploit animals and interfere with the laws of nature, we will continue to face further pandemics, unless we change our ways. For this reason, we need to stop the exploitation of animals, end of story.

We need to go vegan and quick.

Vegans believe in a lifestyle that protects all animals from exploitation, whether for food or other purposes.

Which leads me to the divisive subject of veganism and why the world must convert now.

Veganism is one of the biggest social justice movements of our time. The issue of how our eating habits affect the planet and the continuing abuse of animals has been at the forefront of global discussion. Rock on Joaquin. Rock on. It hasn't been pretty. It's been downright ugly on both sides, including those who sit on the fence. Vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians and meat-eaters alike.

I'm vegan and I know I have been a little extreme in the past, especially with emotive posts on Facebook. I felt as if I had to tone myself down and pussyfoot around in order not to cause offence. How wrong was I?

On the other side of the fence, some meat-eaters are even worse. Trust me. Vegans may come across as extreme, but they're nothing compared to a bloodthirsty savage intent upon defending their ways.

Recently, I was on the receiving end of a verbal battering from a man sat next to me outside a cafe. While minding my own business, I pulled out my little bottle of oatmilk (home-made, of course) to add to my coffee when he asked what's that. I politely explained I was vegan and it was for my drink (plant-based milk isn't as readily available in cafes in my part of the world).

Oh my. Off he went on a rant, defending his right to abuse animals, as he munched his way through a plate filled with the dead flesh of a cow so rare it was practically thumping a heartbeat. You'd have thought I was the devil himself. I did not say a word.

But he was wrong and I'm not one for using words like "right" or "wrong" very often. The simple truth is that the vegans of this world, especially those who are vegan for the animals and the environment, got it right all along.

The exploitation of animals has caused a crisis of epic proportions that will transform our society forever. On every single level. Tends of thousands are sick. Thousands are dead. People are unable to work to provide for themselves. Some may lose their homes. Hoarders are clearing the shelves at our supermarket with no thought of each other. The financial implications of this crisis are unknown but they will be harsh. Mother Earth is on her knees and has taken us with her.

This crisis won't be over in days, weeks or months. It will take years. We are going to have to change and transform to weather this storm.

All because humans continue to exploit animals.

So, my question to those of you who consume animal products is this. Do you really want to put us all at risk of further pandemics for the sake of a slab of meat on your plate? Is it worth it? I sincerely hope not for each and every one of us.

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