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Concentrated Coffee

by GrassFedSalmon 3 months ago in cuisine

How to get the most out of your precious beans.

Concentrated Coffee
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Ive been a chef for 6 years, but I was introduced into the culinary world as a barista. While I still grind and brew coffee everyday, I sometimes miss my younger years when I would break down thousands of pounds of coffee beans every week!

People used to complain about the trails of coffee beans I would accidentally leave behind me everywhere I went. They were practically coming out of my ears!

I was once pulled over with 200 individually sealed pounds of coffee, The officers were convinced I was smuggling drugs. (I don’t blame them, I was 19 and on a lot of caffeine.) They proceeded to open every bag in my car, which costed me my rent for the month.

I digress, the point is that I used to move a lot of beans!

What I want to share with you today is a delicious coffee concentrate so strong that drinking two quarts of it at once would almost certainly result in hospitalization. I used to sell it in one quart containers for $25. I will also share with you how to make delicious iced lattes, and mochas with this concentrate!

Before I get into the recipe I would regret not sharing with you the importance of ethically sourcing your coffee beans, especially if you plan to make a business in the coffee industry. If you are not participating in this world wide trade with strong ethics and a solid moral compass you are contributing to its death. Years of hard work go into every cup of drip brew or push of a button on an espresso machine. Make sure you are honoring that hard work by understanding where your beans come from and ensuring the farmers are being paid fairly for the exchanges.

Now let’s get into the good stuff!

How to Concentrate Cold Brew

I prefer a medium roast for cold brew. Run your beans through a grinder on it’s coarsest setting. A large ground coffee is ideal for cold brew given it needs extra time to steep, the final product won’t be overly bitter or result with sludgy sediment.

Take your coffee grounds and place them in an clean brew bag. These can be purchased online for as little as ten dollars, or just use a new, washed, pillow case. Whatever your steeping your beans in you will need to sanitize in between uses.

Take your giant 10 pound sachet and place it in 10 gallon container. I much prefer one that can sit on a counter with a spigot at the bottom for easy draining, but anything clean that can hold the volume with work wonderfully.

Add 6 gallons of room temperature water to you container with the sachet. Wrap the container loosely with plastic or cover with a towel. All you have to do now is wait 24 hours. Agitate the beans several times over the 24 hours to make sure they are all getting proper exposure to the water.

Now that a day has passed, drain out your concentrate, put it in air tight containers, and refrigerate it. Put a date on it as well. Give it a 28 day shelf life.

Regular Strength Bi-product

Back to the beans! If you want to get the most bang for your buck you will go for another extraction. Return the sachet to the container and add in 4 gallons of room temperature water. Let this second run sit for 48 hours and agitate the beans throughout the process. Once the 2 days have passed drain your coffee. This is regular strength cold brew. It needed extra time to steep after the beans had already made the concentrate, but this cold brew is absolutely delicious and a beautiful bi-product of the concentrate.

Concentrate Uses

So what can you do with this concentrate?

The concentrate is essentially the same strength as a pulled esslreso shot but cold brewed, so it is much less acidic!

For an Iced latte mix 2 fluid ounces of concentrate with 6 ounces of your milk of choice, and then pour over ice or enjoy as is. For a Mocha mix some chocolate syrup into your concentrate and milk before you pour over ice. Also try adding in any of your favorite syrups! The sky is the limit with your creativity here!

Once again I must stress the importance of moderation with this concentrate. People used to follow me from coffee shop to coffee shop to get a cup of this, and I’ve had to cut more than a few people off multiple times.

Thanks for reading, and check out my profile for other one of a kind recipes! Enjoy!!

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