Coffee In The Morning

by Agnes Laurens 11 days ago in cuisine

How much I love black coffee in the morning.

Coffee In The Morning
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I am addicted to coffee in the morning. It is so hot and so delicious at the same time. Your energy level immediately jumps up, and you immediately feel it because your concentration becomes sharper.

When I drink coffee in the morning - and that is only in the morning - I drink my hot delicious coffee black, I do not add any other artificial things in my hot delicious coffee. I get noxious a little bit.

This coffee is my favorite morning routine. It gives me the boost I need for starting my day. To write my stories, or going for a walk and especially now on holidays. I love my small black coffee because that gives me a boost for my productivity.

Black coffee is my favorite because it gives me my me-time I need in the morning, without my children hanging around me, so that I will be more generous towards them. And more generous towards my family members.

I drink this hot delicious coffee in my to go mug I bought to feel that I have been out before going to work on my articles and stories. I feel that I have been going out and yes, I feel that I have been more productive.

Coffee is what I can not go without. But when I drink coffee in the afternoon I will be very noxious and I can not help that. That is just my body type. But drinking my black coffee in the morning, when I wake up at 5 am, then I love it the most.

I love waking up in the early hours of the day, as nobody is around me and then drinking my coffee, having breakfast, writing my stories, and when my daughters need to go to school I make them bread, fruit and water for school. I love to do this on my own when nobody is around me.

Like I have nobody around me at this moment of the day, just to start my day. Everyone is still sleeping then - even when it is holidays, I am writing, as my feed needs to be filled - I can fully concentrate myself on everything I love to do for work (just focussing on my stories).

And waking up in the early hours with coffee, makes the happiest person here on earth doing the things I love to do.

There are some days that I don't drink coffee, but then I have a huge migraine attack, or my hay fever is too much for the day that I can not even think about drinking coffee. How is that possible? My favorite drink during the day (except water and tea).

To me, life begins after I started drinking my coffee. It is my everything to go. Without coffee, I can not start my day!! Why? Just because (I know, that is not really a reason). It feels great starting with my coffee and me-time. I love silence around me when I am writing my stories and when I am doing things.

It is difficult to focus without my coffee in my coffee to go mug. When I do not drink my coffee, I do not feel me well. I do feel terrible to be honest. I feel me weak, but some days I can not handle coffee as well. How come? I do not know.

How do you like to drink your coffee? And where do you like to drink your coffee? When did you learn to drink coffee? Who was the one that taught you to drink coffee? What was your first experience drinking coffee?

Agnes Laurens
Agnes Laurens
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