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Business is Booming!

by John Hannen about a month ago in restaurants

The Street Food Industry Is On The Rise..

The Food Van Vendor Boom

You’d be wrong if you thought that the Covid pandemic was the only reason for the growing popularity of food van vendors in the UK. These types of outlets have been a staple of British culture for years, decades indeed!

That’s not to say that lockdown did, however, give improved opportunity to those interested in launching their own business within this particular arena with restaurants and other kinds of eateries having their metaphorical hands tied, unable to get customers through the door due to restrictions.

Conversely food van vendors, meanwhile, weren’t as hard hit by lockdown. Couple that with a newfound love for the great outdoors and this combination resulted in a surge of hungry punters.

So, there are lots more van food vendors out there, meaning more competition. But just what does it take to set yourself up as a vendor and what’s all the fuss about?

There’s no need to scratch your head any longer – because here we delve into some of the most interesting and important numbers in regard to street food catering.

Let’s take a look at the numbers

Here’s the first thing - the food van industry is growing exponentially – at a rate of 20 per cent year on year, to be precise. Which shows the industry is absolutely thriving.

And here’s a figure we bet you’re surprised at … did you know that 50 per cent of Brits buy street food at least once a week? What! No way! What’s more though, 64 per cent of contemporary Britons are actually willing to fork out significantly above the average lunchtime spend if it means picking up some good quality street food. Well … who’d have thought.

Here’s another interesting figure – if you haven’t at this point … please take a seat. When you compare the cost of launching a restaurant versus the amount it’ll set you back to open your own small catering trailer, you might be astounded to read that the latter will leave you £45,000 better off. That’s right, a small catering van will cost, on average, £5,000 in comparison to a bricks-and-mortar alternative at £50,000. We think that’s pretty incredible!

So … what about the other positives, then?

Here’s a nice one to start us off. The start-up costs associated with vans are considerably lower than other food businesses. Anything else? Yep, the positives don’t just stop there.

We all want a flexible work and life balance, right? Well, the beauty of a food van is that you choose when your day starts and when it ends, depending on how successful things have been. Sounds good? While you might find a spot that serves you well and delivers a host of reliable customers, unlike a restaurant you don’t have to commit to opening hours and feel guilty about letting people down if you choose not to open. What’s the point of staying open if there’s no business to be done…

Similarly, if the weather defies typical British conditions and delivers a host of glorious sunshine, then you can stick around as long as you want and capitalise on the opportunity while it’s there. Though do remember we are talking about the British weather here!

The important stuff

By this stage, you’ll be thinking: where do I start? You’ll be pleased to know that van leasing company Van Ninja has put together a handy guide on the street food industry, what you need to do to get going, and tips on how to get yourself ahead of the game and ultimately make your business a success.

So, let's take a look at the infographic...


John Hannen

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