Boujee Holiday Anyone?

by Sam Edwards 13 days ago in cuisine

Never knew what the word Boujee meant until I explained my latest craving...

Boujee Holiday Anyone?
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Hello Readers,

With the holidays right around the corner, many people might have some mixed feelings. Holidays can be stressful and time consuming and over exaggerated. This alone can take the cheer out of it.

Some might be ready to spend the holidays with family and friends. With quarantine, others might be preparing to spend it with immediate family while getting the skype ready for video chats.

Whereas others, like me, are getting ready to make a couple of holiday calls and grab a good book, a bottle of wine, and make something delicious for dinner. I have never been one for large gatherings, and have preferred to be on my own. Independence has always been something that I have enjoyed from a young age and seldom have I enjoyed the company of others.

I have always heard people talk about boujee in terms or rap videos, but I have never really understood the term or how it really applies, until I was having a conversation with a woman in my apartment building about pizza. Ironically enough she was eating some for her lunch when I stopped to say hi. One thing led to another and when I told her about my latest craving she said that I had very boujee taste.

So this Christmas holiday I will be enjoying myself a very boujee night in. Fingers crossed. With some creamy garlic pizza with escargot and mushrooms. I will also be exploring the counters or the local LCBO in hopes of finding a nice moist white wine which will be the perfect pairing. Cuddling up on my reading chair with my fuzzy throw blanket and watching netflixs or reading a good book.

How might you ask did I come upon this crazy food combo? While I have always had an acquired taste for weird food combos ever since I was little. I could never stand my food being separated on a plate and mixed and mashed nearly everything on the plate.

Let's get to the meat or the food combo. I have always enjoyed escargot with cheese as an appetizer at restaurants, ever since I was little. Garlic is like a food group and a must for everything that I cook nowadays. Not just a pinch of it either but like a fistfull. Tell me who doesn’t like cheese.

Unless you are lactose intolerant, but even then there are so many health food stores you can easily find a lactose free supplement and still enjoy it for what it is. The kicker for me with this craving is the white wine though. I have never liked white wine before, it has always been dry and bitter and lacking flavour. Red Wine has always been my go too for a night in and on occasion a night out, or drinking with family and friends over dinner.

Garlic cheese pizza with escargot and mushrooms paired with a moist white wine. I know what you're probably thinking. What the heck is this girl talking about. Escargot on pizza and white wine. All I can say is don’t knock my crazy holiday food combo until you try it.

So I haven’t exactly tried this yet, but I have had it on my tongue for the last couple of days. Ever since I ordered pizza pizza creamy garlic pizza. Least to say it was a very blah night and made me think of raining nights in santa monica, new york, or chicago. Sitting in the living room with giant floor to ceiling windows looking out at a nice view of the city or water.

Surrounded by those old lovely brownstone buildings that are beautiful, which were probably even prettier in their prime when they were single family homes before they turned them into apartment complexes. With a dark stormy night. Raining thundering from the sky with cracks of lightning. A good bottle of white wine, and a large creamy garlic pizza with escargot and mushrooms. It really is an intoxicating thought and an acquired taste.

So if anyone is feeling lonely or adventurous this holiday season. Why don’t you sit down and try some garlicy, cheesy pizza with escargot and mushrooms with me and grab a bottle of white wine or if it's really not for you red works just as well, the flavours of the pizza can go with either depending on your palate.

Join me this holiday for a very boujee night in. I will be making this either christmas eve or christmas night, unless I get invited to one of those christmas things that I really hate attending. If so, it will be a new year's resolution to satisfy my craving for escargot on pizza and white wine and to take more time for myself.

Thanks for reading,

Stay safe and Stay Healthy.


Sam Edwards
Sam Edwards
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