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Biggest Food Challenges in New Jersey

by Anthony Gramuglia 3 years ago

If you are a foodie looking for a challenge, then New Jersey has a few food challenges where you can put your money where your mouth is.

Biggest Food Challenges in New Jersey

New Jersey is a state defined by food. Being right south of New York City, our Garden State is bombarded by tons of different influences from all the different cultures that pass through to and from New York to the rest of the country. Every culture brings food, and, thus, our food culture becomes more and more distinct with each person to pass through our borders.

But the Garden State has a few challenges. We New Jersians tend to pride ourselves on our mantle. On our fortitude. So, naturally, we have some pretty intense food challenges that test our stomachs against an onslaught of food far too plentiful for one normal human to consume in a week--and, if you are a foodie looking for a challenge, then New Jersey has a few ideal places to put your money where your mouth is.

Country Club Tavern (Cape May): Triple Decker Devil Burger

In the Cape May Court House, the Country Club Tavern offers what is known as the Triple Decker Devil Burger. Sound intimidating? It's so intimidating they don't have it on the menu. You have to ask for it.

So what is it? It's an eight pound burger, loaded with bacon, onion rings, cheese--and meat. Lots of meat. You have sixty minutes to finish it. Finish it, and it's free.

For more information on the Country Club Tavern, click here.

Rosalita's Roadside Cantina (Englishtown/Marlboro): Kitchen Sink

This snazzy offers a signature burrito known only as the Kitchen Sink. Presumably because the kitchen sink is the only thing they didn't stuff into this five pound burrito.

You have fifteen minutes to finish the whole thing. Succeed, and the whole meal is free. You also get a free shirt in the mix for your troubles. You're probably wondering what's in the burrito. Well... everything. Everything is in it.

For more information on Rosalita's Roadside Cantina, click here.

Brick Lane Curry House (Upper Montclair and Ridgewood): Bowl of Spicy Phaal Curry

Some food challenges are massive. Others test the limits of enormity. This challenge tests your mantle in a very different way. If you finish a whole bowl of spicy Phaal curry--an incredibly potent variety--this New Jersey restaurant will bring you a free beer, as well as a certificate.

Now, a free beer isn't the same thing as a free meal, but you may need that alcohol to take you away from the agonizing pain your taste buds will be going through.

For more information on the Brick Lane Curry House, click here.

Clinton Station Diner (Clinton): Atlas Burger

The Clinton Station Diner offers three burger eating challenges. The challenges are simple: finish a large burger by yourself or with friends, and it's free.

You can start with the three pound Atlas Burger. Finish it in two hours by yourself (or forty-five minutes with a friend) and it's free. The seven pound Zeus burger is tougher still. You have three hours (or one and a half with a friend).

But that's child's play. You and four friends need to try the Mt Olympus Burger. You and your gang have three hours to finish this gargantuan FIFTY pound burger. Yes. Fifty. Finish it, and it's free.

For more information on the Clinton Station Diner, click here.

The Hat Tavern (Summit): The Mad Hatter Platter

The Hat Tavern serves what is known as The Mad Hatter Platter. This beautiful platter of gluttony starts with a massive "Chris Christie Burger," stacked with their Jersey and Pizza burger. Then there is a pound of french fries, two dozen onion rings, five "patriot" pickles, and, on top of all that, your choice of milk shake.

Should you finish it, the twenty-nine dollar meal is yours free. Warning--you must make a reservation first in order to take the challenge.

For more info on The Hat Tavern, click here.

The Kibitz Room (Cherry Hill): Great Big Mother-F***ing Sandwich

Can you eat the Great Big Mother-F***ing Sandwich? The GBMF lives up to its namesake. Stacked with tons of meats and ingredients, this tower of gluttony is The Kibitz Room's signature.

Finish it with an order of cole slaw and one of each of their pickles, and the meal is free. Winners get a place on the Wall of Shame for finishing this titan of food. Are you ready for this glory?

For more information about the Kibitz Room, click here.

Sabretti's Hot Dog Challenge (Hopatcong)

This hot dog challenge is actually two challenges, depending on how many hot dogs you can shovel into your body. You eat hot dogs off the suggested hot dog board. You have fifteen minutes to shovel as much hot dogs into your body as possible.

Eat twelve jumbo-sized hot dogs, and the whole thing is free. Eat thirty--yes, thirty--then you will receive $1000 dollars on the spot. But the record is currently nineteen. Surely you can top that, right?

For more information on Sabretti's Hot Dog Challenge, click here.

Cool Dog Cafe (Cherry Hill): Hot Dog Challenge

Another hot dog challenge, this "cafe" offers an... admittedly tame challenge. At least, tame by our twisted standards of the word. You just need to finish two half-pound hot dogs with a small order of fries. Winners get a free shirt, free meal, and a message on social media.

Of course, compared to fifty pound burgers and thirty hot dogs, this seems tame. But you have to ask yourself this: is this challenge tame because it isn't hard, or is it just because your standards have become so twisted that it seems sane?

For more information on Cool Dog Cafe, click here.

Johnny G's Pizzeria (Toms River): 32" Pizza Challenge

Pizza is one of the great cultural unifiers. Everyone loves it. Everyone wants it. Toms River has a particular pizza challenge that can be quite profitable--should you stand up to the challenge.

If you can finish a 32" pizza in one hour, Johnny G's Pizzeria will reward you with $250. On top of that, the pizza is on them. OF course, shoving down a pizza that size could cause your stomach to shred, but you sound like you're up for that challenge, don't you?

For more info on Johnny G's, click here.

Teplitzky's (Atlantic City): Breakfast Challenge

Inside the Chelsea Hotel in the city that inspired the Monopoly sits Teplitzky's. Atlantic City can satisfy anyone's vice, and, like the Lament Configuration from Clive Barker's Hellraiser, will offer you pain and pleasure intertwined perfectly.

Take their breakfast challenge. This meal will probably kill you. One thirty pound plate of food that must be finished in thirty minutes. You have four pancakes, four french toast slices, six eggs, six slices of bacon, six pork rolls, four turkey sausages, four slices of toast, and a mound of hash browns.

Finish this ludicrous amount of food in thirty minutes, and it's free. No complementary anti-acids or belly rubs, sadly, so you will be forced to tend to your overstuffed (possibly ruptured) stomach on your own.

For more information on Teplitzky's, click here.

Anthony Gramuglia
Anthony Gramuglia
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