Best Baltimore Child-Friendly Restaurants

Discover kid friendly restaurants in Maryland! Baltimore is among the best restaurants for kids!

Best Baltimore Child-Friendly Restaurants

Before discovering delicious international food while travel, look around you and explore it near you!

Baltimore is a small city that is home to a lot of great and delicious food outlets. The Southern leanings show up in desserts like the multi-layered Smith Island cake. You will also taste the varying flavor accents of many different ethnic groups that have made the city their home. There are also a lot of local delicacies that you can try, such as their crabs.

In Baltimore, you will find many family friendly restaurants. These food outlets cater to kids and their parents in a wide range of ways, like offering free childcare, enticing toys, and gourmet kiddie fare. If you do not want to spend the entire day learning how to make cauliflower fried rice for your kids, you can take them to try some tummy-friendly treats.

Some of the top kid-friendly restaurants in Baltimore are:

Miss Shirley’s Café

Miss Shirley’s Café is a casual café that houses a distinct Southern flavor and is quite a popular spot for office workers. However, it is one of the best kid friendly restaurants in Maryland. The waffles with fresh fruit and chicken fingers are the most popular dishes for kids here. They also definitely know how to cook ribs on a charcoal grill.

The restaurant also changed its kids’ menu recently. While sweet potato fries are added on top of almost every dish, you will also see a wide assortment of vegetables and fruits on the plate.

Phillips Seafood

If you want to come and splurge on a special event like anniversary, birthday, or graduation, Phillips Seafood is the place. A lot of tourists also happen to be here. This is an excellent food outlet, especially if you visit with kids.

The place has a lot of tables that make it perfect for hosting large birthday parties. But its main attraction is that the seafood menu is always fresh. Additionally, critical orders like crab macaroni with cheese, crab cakes, and crab dips are full of nutritious ingredients. Even the desserts, like the chocolate lava cake, are a luxurious treat for kids.

Joe Squared Pizza

Joe Squared Pizza is a place that is known for its unique pizzas. It can be considered as one of the best kid friendly restaurants in MD. The pizzas they make are very creative and are bubbled in an ultra-hot oven. In short, this is a place that your kids will love.

For adults, you also have an impressive beer list that is geared towards the food. You get to sample each of them before you commit to a pint. Your kids can gorge on pizza, and you can sip on some great-tasting beer while waiting for them to finish.

Dempsey’s Brew Pub

While the restaurant serves brew to adults, you can take your kids along here to eat on a wide variety of appetizers like bacon on a stick, fresh pretzels, or gooey warm crab dip. There are also a lot of other salty-sweet fatty snacks that your kids can gorge on while you are watching a Baltimore Orioles match.

However, the main attractions of Dempsey’s Brew Pub are the salads and the burgers. Additionally, it is recommended that you save room for their interpretation of the Smith Island cake.

Captain James Crab House

Captain James is a kid-friendly restaurant in Baltimore where they boil the crab with crab soup and cob. You can comfortably sit on top of the outdoor deck with your kids and watch them shell and eat the crab happily. The restaurant also offers lots of space to wander and look around as the boats return from their fishing trips.

Kids will also love the unique ice cream that helps in digestion of the crab meat. However, the menu is not limited to only crab dishes. You can also try out many more different recipes like their hush puppies and corn for dinner. Your kids can definitely try the fried calamari, steamed shrimp, or chicken wings.

Silver Queen Café

Silver Queen Café has a cozy nook for kids where they are given kitchen toys to 'cook' their food while the chefs work to prepare the real deal in the other way. The kids are offered a lot of different toys like dolls and plastic dinosaurs to play cafe Baltimore and keep busy while the adults can enjoy a refreshing dinner.

When it comes to food, it is known to produce some top-class brisket, pork, turkey, and barbeque chicken. Additionally, their café’s mac and cheese stands out as one of its most ordered dishes.

Final Notes

We introduced to you the best restaurants for kids in Baltimore. These outlets are known for offering food recipes that are not too hard on your kid's stomachs and pack a delicious punch as well. Your kids will love these places for sure!

What do you think? Do you know some other restaurants?

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