Bellagreen: Good or Bad?

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Bellagreen: Good or Bad?

Bellagreen is located mainly in Houston, TX.

Every single person eats differently. Some are extremely picky and others are not. There are also some that are allergic to a lot of the food we have nowadays or ones who just don't eat much. I am one who loves food. My main food category involves meat and junk. I have always thought of those restaurants that serve only healthy food as, well, pretty disgusting, which they were to me. There was no flavor to the food so, I never went back to a healthy-styled restaurant. But, then I was spending the day with my cousin, and she is into the more healthy, organic, and hipster vibe type of thing. I had never heard about this restaurant until she brought me here for lunch that day.

At first, I really wasn't feeling it because I knew as soon as I walked in it was like all of the others I have been to. But I wasn't complaining because she was paying and I was getting to spend time with her. When you first walk in, it is a very calming, quiet, and relaxing atmosphere. You grab a menu off of the wall when you walk in, and figure out what you want. They have a variety from pizza to soup and everything in between. Then of course, like any other restaurant, you wait for them to make it. While waiting you get your drink yourself. Now I can say this though...I didn't care for the drinks, not even the tea. Those kind of drinks you really need to have a taste for and I know most people who do organic and healthy foods would like them. I personally did not. The service was pretty fast and once the food came out, the dislike for the drinks didn't matter anymore. Once I took that first bite, my thoughts had changed. The tomato basil soup that I ordered was to die for.

They came out with this big bowl with a bread baked over it. When you crack the bread all of the steam and aroma just suddenly comes out of it, hitting your most vulnerable senses. You could not get enough of it, it smelled delicious! Once I took a sip of the soup, it was all decided there. The flavors were matched so perfectly, but not only did it match on its own, it also went so well with the bread that was covering it too. I told my cousin right then and there that I would take friends and family to this restaurant and suggest it to whomever would like a new setting.

Bellagreen is a healthy restaurant, it has vegan, organic, vegetarian, and foods for people like me but still healthy! They have foods for every type of person while still staying to their own type of diet. If you want a big ol' steak with a loaded baked potato though, then this is not the place. But I do recommend you try Bellagreen before you rule it out. It is a very relaxing place and after eating their food I felt like my body was already on a little kick. The prices are not bad, their food is delicious, their interior is relaxing, and it is for everyone, not just for the health nuts. So before you knock it out completely, Bellagreen will change your mind.

I just wish that someone with a lot of influence and not a nobody like me would find this place and give it out to social media or critics, so they could grow and have more people so they can become bigger. Bellagreen is for you, me, and everyone.


LL Moore
LL Moore
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