A Love Letter to Coffee

by Michelle Schultz 11 months ago in satire

An Open Letter to the True Love of My Life

A Love Letter to Coffee

Dear Coffee,

You are my one true love. You make everything in my life easier. You are the main reason I get out of bed most mornings. The idea that I get to have you at work makes my entire day. You are my motivation: You keep me awake and keep pushing me to move forward. Without you, I would be falling asleep at my desk. Honestly, without you, I probably wouldn't even still have a job. But you're not just there for me in the mornings. You're there during meetings to give me something to sip on. You're there when I'm meeting up with someone. You give me something to hold onto when I'm feeling awkward. You make hangovers almost bearable. And at two in the morning, when my kid won't go to sleep or I have a big test to study for, you are always there to help me out. You never let me down.

One of the greatest parts about you is all the different ways I can have you: Cream, sugar, black; you come in so many different colors. And I love playing with your flavors: French vanilla, caramel, hazelnut... the possibilities are endless. You're good no matter what season it is. I can have you hot in the winter and iced in the summer. Walking into the gas station or going to the coffee bar are some of my favorite times of the day. Sometimes I even spring for an actual coffee shop and spend almost five bucks for just one small version of you. But you are so worth it. You are worth every penny.

From the first day I tried you, I was in love. Sure, it took me awhile to warm up to having just pure you. I needed to sugarcoat you a little at first, but my love for you has grown and blossomed. Now I'll drink you in your purest form, and enjoy every sip. You've helped me get through so much. Without you, I probably would've failed every midterm and final I've ever taken. I definitely would've slept through a lot of classes, and even more nightly daughter diaper changes.

The best part is, all my friends and family love you too. There is no awkward moment when I walk into someone's house with you in my thermos because no one objects to you. A few distant people I know claim that you are bad for me. That you cause anxiety? To them, I just turn away. I don't need that kind of negativity in my life. But the ones who are close to me know that our love is irreplaceable. They know to hit up the Dunkin' Donuts drive thru before we go anywhere, because I just need a little taste of you to help get me through whatever outing we are heading to.

But I'd also like to apologize, because as much as I love and enjoy you, I need a night away every once in awhile. So I reserve my weekend nights for my other love. It's not that I don't have fun with you, because I do. I really do! But sometimes, this drink just helps me unwind in a way that you can't. But rest assured, after a long Friday night with alcohol, I will always come back to you! You are my Saturday through Thursday, and don't tell alcohol, but you are also my Friday morning. I love you.


A Coffee Lover

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