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"A bowl of soup before meals, old age does not hurt", autumn dryness is coming, share 3 soups that

by Alessandro Algardi 2 months ago in cuisine
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Nutrition is delicious like a good recipe

"A bowl of soup before meals, old age does not hurt", autumn dryness is coming, share 3 soups that
Photo by Matthew Hamilton on Unsplash

Drinking soup is a healthy diet, especially in autumn, because soup contains enough water, and can effectively relieve autumn dryness, to the body to replenish water, in addition to soup the preservation of the nutritional essence of the ingredients, concentrated in the soup inside, the taste is extremely delicious.

As the old saying goes, "drink soup before meals, the stomach and intestines are not injured", drink some soup before eating to moisten the stomach and intestines, but also to increase the sense of satiety, when eating will slow down, reducing the burden on the stomach and intestines.

The following share 3 suitable for autumn soup, moisten dry stomach, hydration, and nutrition!

A, [tomato and egg soup]

1, a tomato, washed and peeled, cut off the root, then cut into pieces and put in a pot. A piece of old tofu is cut into tofu particles, put into a pot, and set aside.

Two bok choy leaves are cut into small slices and put into a small bowl. 1 egg, beaten into a bowl, stir well and beat.

2、Start a pot with water, add tomatoes and tofu, add salt, pepper, and chicken powder, and stir to dissolve the seasoning.

3, high heat to boil the soup, skim off the foam, add bok choy leaves, cook for 30 seconds, hook into the appropriate amount of water starch, and then drizzle into the egg mixture, boil and then drizzle a little sesame oil, you can turn off the heat and serve in a soup pot.

Sprinkle with a little chopped green onion and cilantro, and ready to serve.

Two, [kelp bone soup]

1. a pork bone chopped into pieces, a carrot cut into hobble block, shredded kelp, put together in a pot, and set aside.

Ginger cut into ginger slices, onion cut into segments, star anise 2, pepper a few, red dry pepper a few, put together.

2. Boil water in a pot, cool water into the pork bones, add a little wine to remove the fishy, boil the water and skim off the froth, cook for two minutes, and fish out the water control.

3. In Another pot with a little cooking oil, put onions and ginger and Chinese herbs bursting, pour in the bones quickly stir-fried for a minute, and add the right amount of water.

Boil water over high heat, add salt, pepper, and sugar, add two dates, and pour in carrots and shredded seaweed, after the water boils, pour into the pressure cooker, cover the pot, gas and time pressure for 5 minutes and simmer for 3 minutes.

4. Take out a casserole, pour in the bones and side dishes, add some chicken powder for freshness, boil on high heat pick out the onion and ginger and big ingredients, cook for a minute off the heat, put a little cilantro on it, and serve.

Three, [fish head tofu soup]

1. first prepare a fish head, handle clean, wash, and put into a basin; half a catty of old tofu, cut into diamond-shaped pieces, put into the basin.

Ginger cut into ginger slices, onion cut into scallion, star anise, cilantro cut into segments, put into a bowl, and set aside.

2. Heat a wok, pour in cool oil, put the fish head down into the wok, shake the wok and fry slowly, put in the green onion and ginger and star anise, after frying out the aroma, put in some cooking wine to remove the fishy, then add the right amount of water, diffuse the fish head.

Put the tofu block also into it, turn on high heat, and stew for about 15 minutes.

3. When the soup is stewed until milky white, start seasoning, add chicken powder, sugar, salt, and pepper to taste, and turn off the heat after a minute.

Then pour the fish head and tofu soup into a pot, put a little cilantro, and drizzle a little sesame oil to enhance the fragrance, you can eat.


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