A&S Bagels

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What's so good about them?

A&S Bagels

Do you like bagels? Cheese? Sweets? Food? Do you live on Long Island? Well, A&S Bagels is the perfect place for bagels. First of all, they have a deli inside too. The deli has all the good meats (including Boar's Head). They also have cheese and everything you need. They basically have a mini bakery. Including danishes, crumb cake, rainbow cookies, and black and white cookies. They also have multiple flavors of ice coffee.

Now in the next paragraph, I will talk about their amazing bagels. What kind of bagels do you like? Where do you like to get them? A&S Bagels is the perfect place. A&S Bagels has a variety of bagels. From mini to big bagels. To rainbow to a cheddar cheese bagel. This is the only place on Long Island where I have found cheddar cheese and french toast bagels. I got to tell you that they are really good. They add a lot of cream cheese, so maybe ask for a little less. Their cheddar cheese bagels are the best. They have a numerous amount of flavors of cream cheese. From Nutella to Oreo to strawberry. They are all homemade. They have both sweet, savory, and regular cream cheese. If you do not have time then you can get some cream cheese from their fridge. In the fridge, they have cream cheese and multiple flavors of different drinks. They also have candy bar flavored cream cheeses.

They have the usual types of bagels. For example, they have plain, everything, sesame, and mini bagels. You will find basically every bagel. They also have mini bagels and green ones for Saint Patrick's day. On the side, they have an ATM and a lot of chips for you to buy. You can also have sandwiches made using the bagel. You can get both hot and cold coffee. A&S also has smoothies! The earlier you come the longer the line, but when you go in the afternoon there is usually no line. For Valentines Day they had pink bagels. They also have party bagels! They always have your order correct and everyone is friendly. Did you know that they are one of the best bagel places in the United States? They even have a part of an article that states that they have become one of the best bagel places in the United States. It is on their wall by the chips. You should go check them out!

They are currently located in Franklin Square. They are open twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. National Bagel day is February 9th. A&S Bagels also sponsors some local teams on Long Island. They are in multiple articles that prove that they are one of the best bagel places on Long Island. Try to try them out one day. It is totally worth it to go all away from there for their bagels.

Why should you get to A&S? Well, first of all, they have the best bagels ever! They have a numerous amount of bagels and multiple types that you may never even heard of. They also have tons of different types of cream cheese. They are part of the top twenty in the United States! Thank you for reading my article and I hoped you enjoyed it. Go check out A&S, it is definitely worth it. You can even follow them on Instagram! All you have to do is search up their name. They always have something special for the holidays. Go check them out!

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