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6 Honest Thoughts I had In The First 10 Days Of Going Vegan

by Rashmi G 2 months ago in vegan
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#4 Will my entire life be dedicated to Chopping Veggies?

6 Honest Thoughts I had In The First 10 Days Of Going Vegan
Photo by Juno Jo on Unsplash

It was a life decision made in just 5 minutes - to become Vegan.

Now I believe how people fall in love at first sight. Atleast, going vegan is good for the planet. Last week, I was watching George Carlin’s video on saving the Planet.

I felt like a hypocrite. I love animals, I feed dogs and cats, I help with getting them neutered, tend to their injuries. I have been a volunteer for years.

Yet, I ate chicken everyday for my protein count and addicted to it. Not to miss my famous Kerala prawn curry that gets prepared thrice a week Or my obsession with the glorious mutton biryani mom prepares specially for me.

I had read enough about the horrific workings of the dairy industry and how cows are tortured. But moment I see a bowl of curd, I forget all of that and only focus on the salad I can make to accompany the chicken biryani.

But not this time.

The trick was to go vegan but also keep a watch on my macros.

The result - It's goddamn difficult.

Here Are 6 thoughts on how I feel during the 10 days of my vegan journey:

#1 Yay, This Is For The Planet

Honestly, being guilt-free is the best feeling.

Every time I cross the butcher shop, I feel pity but also a relief that I m not supporting this.

I can call myself a true animal lover at last. And I don't miss frying fish for lunch somehow. It feels like that urge to eat meat or fish has been muted.

Surprisingly, I like it!

#2 My South Indian Roots Would Make Veganism Super Easy

South Indian (vegetarian) diet has less of dairy, cream and a lots and lots of veggies. Also coconut milk finds a place in a lot of curries, which is a winner non-dairy milk.

Think tamarind-based curries, mixed rice recipes, pulses based recipes, coconut milk added kurma. Chickpeas already occupies a stellar spot in Indian cuisine and I felt happy.

But curd turned out to most difficult one to stay away from. Curd rice with potato fry is my comfort food and giving it up was hard.

I am trying my hand at cashew curd and peanut curd to disastrous results.

But I am trying to perfect this art.

#3 Woah, I can't eat A single Thing In A Cafe

Cookies, Pretzels, Muffins, Cupcakes, French Toast, Pancakes, Carrot cakes, croissants - All the food I love and ordered without a second thought didn't qualify as vegan.

By Melissa Walker Horn on Unsplash

I can't even go to tea shop in my street for my favourite ginger tea!

I had to think twice before I ordered anything.

India is yet to open to a vegan-friendly approach everywhere. We do have pure vegetarian places but I need to keep my vegan detector on. Every.Single.Time.

The best bet- Cook them myself.

Well, my sad oatmeal pancakes with oats milk and flax eggs I prepared earlier today doesn’t offer much encouragement.

#4 Will my entire life be dedicated to Chopping Veggies?

One advantage of cooking meat was that the recipes needed only onions, tomatoes and garlic to be chopped. And a chicken pasta maybe needs broccoli or bell peppers. Simple. And leave it to cheese and butter to do the magic!

I also drank my veggies in form of a beetroot-carrot-spinach smoothie.

Now, I was spending a good half-an-hour chopping bitter gourd, beans, carrot, ladysfinger aside from the onions and tomatoes - whew!

And surprisingly, the dish tasted so fresh and good.

Are my taste buds working better or is this a hallucination of missing chicken? No idea.

Now, I realise why our mothers are angry when we refuse to eat veggies. They spent hours just chopping them!

#5 Can You Spot The Glow, Folks?

One major reason which I made me go vegan (which I have no shame in admitting) was the “vegan glow”. I believe this diet will help me age gracefully while shining like an influencer.

I use very less makeup ( due to my sensitive skin) and my best best is the DIY face packs and the skin glow smoothies I drink.

So, Did I get my 20 something youthfulness in my 31 year old face in 10 days?

I asked my colleagues, my sister and my boyfriend over a video call. They said yes.

I do suspect it was to keep me from nagging them anymore.

But yes, I feel light and do feel the glow!

#6 Someone Please Save Me From The Cravings

None of the articles I had read, prepared me for the first three days.

I relaxed my macros counting and decided to eat whatever vegan food I felt like.

The result was devouring peanut butter-chocolate ice cream, veggie burgers, vegetable biryani, gobi manchurian, Thai vegan curry and a lot of combinations straight out of a bad dream (never ever mix cashew with coconut milk and makes ice creams, please!).

I was basically sampling vegan takeaways from all the restaurants near me.

Honestly, I did not like half of them.

But I couldn't stop. Maybe it was my body's own shock in knowing that this girl is not kidding or a reaction to giving up non-vegetarian.

But I am happy I gave into my cravings.

The next three days, I gradually transitioned to eating homemade foods and today, I started quantifying my food.

Final Thoughts

Most people I've met who weren't kind to animals weren't kind to people either. Kindness is kindness. Simple as that. - Ricky Gervais

Veganism is not just a diet, it’s a lifestyle change. And it’s a unique experience. Our genetics, food habits, culture, peers all play a major role in this transition.

It’s not easy. Run away from people who say so.

What I am also clear is I don’t want to transition from the dairy industry to almond milk industry and call myself a vegan.

I am going to keep it as homemade and healthy as possible. I am okay with making a tonnes of mistakes but I want to make these curds, the cakes all from scratch.

Lets admit it, being good for the planet apart, knowing what I put in my plate is something I want to be in control of.

And don’t forget the vegan glow!


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  • Life Lessonabout a month ago

    🧡Another evidence of growing old gracefully being vegan!🧡

  • Bigg Matt Weatherfordabout a month ago

    I didn't make it I can't go completely big and I've cut down on red meat a lot cuz I need to but I like red meat more than candy when I was a kid I just couldn't make it so you might call me a vegetarian cuz I only need a steak once a month

  • Dana Dench2 months ago

    Thanks for the insight - I've been wanting to take the leap to try out Veganism for all of it's amazing benefits. Can't wait to hear more about your Vegan journey!

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