6 Best Foods Good for Your Oral Health

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 6 Best Foods Good for Your Oral Health

We constantly chew on something or the other. Having a diet that is unhealthy containing sugary foods, processed foods, can cause cavities, loss of tooth enamel, and tooth decay. Your oral health is the first area affected by eating bad food. Brushing, and flossing your teeth regularly keep your teeth healthy by getting rid of food particles and sugars. It will also prevent the formation of bacteria which causes plaque. Apart from following healthy oral practices, eating healthy foods can also boost your oral health. Not only that, eating healthy, nutritious foods are extremely good for your cardiovascular health. Avoiding citrus and sweet food items and replacing processed meals with whole foods is an excellent start to your healthy food journey. Here are the six best foods that are good for your oral health.

1. Cheese

Eating dairy products is essential in maintaining good oral health. Cheese is a superfood that is loved by most people. According to a study, eating cheese protects your teeth against cavities. When tooth decay happens due to having citrus, sweets, or soda items, it causes acid. The pH level in the mouth lower than 5.5 increases the chances of having tooth decay. If the pH level is higher than 5.5, then the chances of getting tooth decay reduces. Eating cheese after a meal lowers the pH level in the mouth and can fight acid erosion of teeth. Cheese contains protein and calcium, which is beneficial to strengthen the tooth enamel. It is a healthy alternative to sugary and carb-filled foods. If you are allergic to milk and milk products, then there are other calcium-fortified juices like soy milk. These also give you enough calcium in your diet.

2. Yogurt

Yogurt is a rich source of protein and calcium, which makes it an excellent food for oral health. It helps in making the bone and teeth stronger. Yogurt has probiotics(good bacteria) that support the gums to fight the cavity-causing bacteria. According to studies, yogurt helps in preventing periodontal diseases. It reduces the bad breath in the mouth by decreasing the oral levels of hydrogen sulfide. Include a plain, zero sugar added yogurt in your diet for the best benefits.

3. Leafy Greens

Green leafy vegetables are healthy for our bodies. They are low in calories and rich in vitamins and minerals. They are also an excellent source of fiber which makes it suitable for teeth. It requires a lot of chewing to break them down, which in turn generates saliva, rinsing, and cleaning your teeth. The rich content of calcium helps in building the teeth enamel, and the B vitamins help prevent gingivitis (gum disease). Foods rich in folic acid like romaine lettuce, spinach, and collard greens treat gum diseases. Include a handful of baby spinach in your salad, smoothies or add kale in your pizza.

4. Chocolate

Chocolate contains a compound called CBH which strengthens the tooth enamel. It makes your teeth healthy and less receptive to tooth decay. You must be careful about which chocolate you are eating. Opt for a dark chocolate bar with more than 70% cacao. The cocoa beans contain potent antioxidants named tannin, flavonoids, and polyphenols that are beneficial for your teeth and mouth. Polyphenols and flavonoids help in slowing down the effect of bacteria by neutralizing the bacteria that cause gum infections, bad breath, and tooth decay. When you eat dark chocolate in moderation, the cocoa bean in it does all the good for your oral health.

5. Crunchy foods

Munching on crunchy foods acts as a natural toothbrush. Chewing foods like carrots, cucumbers, apples, and celery are functional exercises for the gums. All the chewing disrupts the plaque and cleanses the teeth. Carrots are rich in vitamin A and Keratin that helps in healthy tooth enamel. Apples are acidic and kill the bacteria that cause bad breath. Make sure to eat an apple with its skin on, as it is full of fiber and helps in keeping the teeth and gums clean. When you chew on food, it massages your gums, and you get plaque-free teeth. They are an excellent choice for your mid-time snacks.

6. Black and Green Tea

Teas have disease-fighting antioxidants that reduce the bacteria in the mouth. The components in black tea interfere and protects the teeth from the harmful plaque that causes gum diseases and cavities. Tea leaves contain polyphenols called catechins and theaflavins that help in slowing down the growth of bacteria. Black tea also contains tannins that restrain the growth of plaque-causing bacteria, apart from inhibiting the action of salivary amylase. It is rich in fluoride, which is essential for good oral health. The antioxidants in the tea help in preventing plaque from sticking to the teeth. The various components like caffeine, tannins, tocopherol, and catechin present in tea contribute to the increase in acid resistance of tooth enamel. And their combination with fluoride, which is, as we said, a component of black tea, heightens this effect. According to studies, black tea can safely act as an alternative to acidic beverages that cause dental erosion. Black tea also prevents the occurrence of mouth infections such as dental cavities and strep throat. It is best to drink tea without sugar or honey to get the best benefits.


The above are the six best foods that will help you with your oral health. Munching on your favorite foods without having to worry about your oral health is a relief. However, don’t forget the primary rule of oral care. After every meal or at least two times a day, you have to brush your teeth and clean your tongue. It will remove any food particles, and sweet, stuck between your teeth. If you are not able to brush, then chew on gum or drink some water as a temporary solution. Drink fluoridated water, or any product with fluoridated water like powdered juices and soups, which also help your teeth. Limit the intake of sweets, cookies, lollipops, etc. and brush your teeth immediately after consuming it. Go for frequent consultation with your dentist to check if you are following the right oral care routine. In case of any dental problems, your dentist can easily find it out by using a dental panoramic scanner which gives clear imaging of any cavities you have got.

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