5 Painless Ways to Get Your Greens

by Craig Middleton 15 days ago in healthy

If you're someone who usually forgoes a side salad for fries at a restaurant or prefers potato chips over kale chips, getting enough greens to fuel your body can be difficult.

5 Painless Ways to Get Your Greens

If you're someone who usually forgoes a side salad for fries at a restaurant or prefers potato chips over kale chips, getting enough greens to fuel your body can be difficult. As much as you wish you probably could, you can't count ketchup or the marinara sauce on your pasta as one of your two-and-a-half serving of vegetables that you're supposed to eat per day.

But the good news is that eating your greens doesn't just mean you have to eat boring salads or broccoli every day. In fact, there are countless more fun alternatives, like Opti-Greens. Opti-Greens are an immune-boosting green superfood powder that gives you your serving of vegetables without having to go through the pain of eating them, and they will build the strength of your immune system to keep you from getting sick. Getting enough greens for the day is one of the most important things for your health, and here are five ways you can supplement Opti-Greens and eat your greens in a way you're guaranteed to enjoy.

1. Smoothies

Who doesn't like a sweet, creamy smoothie? Smoothies are a perfect breakfast option (or lunch, or dinner, or dessert), and can be packed with all your favorite fruits. But what you might not know is that you can add a handful of spinach or kale to your smoothie to give you a green boost without altering the delicious taste of your drink--though you may end up with a beautiful green color. You'll barely taste the greens and you'll feel great.

2. Juice

Like a smoothie, you can throw greens into your juices and make tasty and refreshing drinks. While it may not seem like it, it's easy to blend things like lettuce, celery, cucumber, or kale into your juices and create that same slurpy texture. Green juice is an especially healthy way to start the day--there's nothing like getting a health boost first thing in the morning.

3. Hummus

Adding just a cup of spinach into a batch of hummus will create just about the healthiest snack you could imagine. As long as you have access to a blender, you can blend spinach into a pre-packaged store bought hummus, or you can make your own from scratch. With hummus, not only will you have nutritious chickpeas in the mix, but you'll get your greens, too. And hummus can be enjoyed with your favorite chip or cracker, which will make eating your vegetables all the more enjoyable.

4. Pesto

Eating your greens doesn't mean sacrificing the foods you love the most, and pesto has to be one of the most delicious foods out there. While you're probably used to basil being the main green found in pesto, you can sneak a more nutrient packed leaf into your mix by replacing at least half of the basil with baby spinach or a different green of your choice. From there, you can enjoy pesto pasta, or pesto pizza, or pesto garlic bread guilt free.

5. Raw Wraps

Though this might be a difficult concept to wrap your head around, you can actually replace a flour wrap with a green. All you need is a head of romaine lettuce or a cabbage leaf that you can stuff with all your favorite fillings. Tacos are a favorite, but the possibilities are endless; you can fix up pretty much any sandwich or snack on a green wrap. These wraps are arguably less messy to eat with too, which is just another added bonus.

While greens aren't always the most enjoyable food, they are one of the most vital to keeping you healthy and happy. Greens provide energy, antioxidants, bone health, and immune system benefits, which, of course, is especially important in the age of a pandemic. But eating greens doesn't have to be boring and gross; you can sneak greens into some of your favorite foods and barely notice a difference. So next time you whip up a smoothie, throw in a handful of greens--your body will thank you.

Craig Middleton
Craig Middleton
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