5 Legendary Chocolate Products That Vanished & Why

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Surely people were hungry for more?

5 Legendary Chocolate Products That Vanished & Why

It sort of feels like a dream sometimes, doesn't it? When you picture the wrapper of a chocolate from memories past, and almost taste the cocoa on the tip of your tongue? Once you're engulfed in those old school flavours – you stop to question the origins of the product, only to realise that it actually hasn't been around for a while, and the chances of acquiring one are near impossible.

It's happened quite a lot over the years, to be fair. Sometimes we see a product take force and dominate the confectionary market, only to then vanish and never be seen again. It's a shame really, considering a whole lot of people would die for another bite or six. And, it's that collective of sacred bars that we want to unwrap a little more. Somewhere, somehow, a whole lot of chocolate went missing – and people are hangry.

Here are five legendary chocolate products that vanished and why.


There's nothing more iconic in the chocolate universe than the amazing chocolatier himself, Willy Wonka. So, of course there was bound to be a whole reel of products taken straight from the film and book franchise. With several flavours of bar, from the Millionaire's Shortbread to the Fudgemallow Delight, Wonka became the in-thing for both film lovers and chocolate connoisseurs.

Sadly, Nestlé, who ran the production behind the product, discontinued the bars once sales dropped drastically in 2013. This, unsurprisingly, was due to the rivalry with Cadbury and their new product, 'Marvellous Creations', which also contained similar quirky flavours. But, due to the low demand over the course of several months, Nestlé decided to axe the product for the foreseeable future.


People were heartbroken when Fox's Biscuits decided to can the much loved Echo bar. People were so wound up, that several petitions were organised in the hope of bringing back the biscuity snack. However, Fox thought it'd be best to just try and replace the product with a consolation prize by introducing the Velvety bar, which by all accounts never quite reached the same level of satisfaction.

The iconic Echo left the scene over a decade ago, and people still haven't quite forgiven Fox for stripping away the milk, white and mint treat. I mean, it's not like it didn't sell, right?


Cadbury are pioneers to the classic glass and a half recipe when it comes to the mouthwatering milk chocolate galaxy. White chocolate, on the other hand, was Nestlé's gig, what with the famous Milkybar representing the brand. However, once Cadbury decided to step forth and take a piece of the pie, chocolate lovers were quickly won over with the Dream bar.

Sadly, by 2005, people were abruptly woken to the demise of the Dream. Cadbury, being the greedy folk they are, decided that the sales figures just weren't up to scratch, and the manufacturing of the bar would need halting. However, countries like New Zealand, Australia and South Africa have continued to keep the Dream alive by selling the products overseas. You just need to pay a pretty hefty price for one.


Okay, so we may still technically have something of the sort – but that's not the point. The point is, after the skyrocketing price climb of the Freddo since its 70's launch, people have learnt to hate the happy little frog bastard. Now, people just reminisce about Taz and the time he used to represent the good old days of caramel chocolate. Plus, they were 10p, what more can I say?

In 1994, Taz bars were removed from the shelves and eventually replaced with the iconic Freddo branding. Surprisingly, people weren't keen, and even to this day Cadbury still get a bit of stick from consumers.


Oh Cadbury, you sure know how to shatter millions of peoples hearts, don't you? This isn't the first time you've discontinued a popular product in the hope people wouldn't care, is it? The Time Out was a lunchtime favourite, enjoyed by millions around the world, both in schools and in workplaces. Even after twenty-five years manufacturing the milk chocolate snack, it still wasn't enough for Cadbury to hold on to for memories sake.

Time Out enjoyed a healthy lifespan since 1992, where Cadbury full-throttled the production on the product and shipped it worldwide. Sadly, however, production slowed in 2016, and before long the bar was replaced with a cheap, less appealing version with half the heart. And yes – people are still talking about it.

There's more. Far more. But that's all we have time for right now. There's only so much one chocolate lover can take before bursting into a fiery rage. So, with that, we'll leave the reminiscing with you, and hope that you remember the better days where chocolatiers weren't so money hungry.

Get it?

Jord Tury
Jord Tury
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