5 Foods UK Gamers Shamefully Rely On

by Jord Tury 6 months ago in cuisine

Opting for more game time and less cooking time

5 Foods UK Gamers Shamefully Rely On

I'll be the first to admit it, alright? I don't have much cooking experience. And it probably doesn't help that I tend to opt more towards quick snacks as oppose to sixty-minute banquets which I could probably eat in the same amount of time. Now, throw a bit of gaming as a past-time in there and you're suddenly looking at mere seconds of cooking preparation time. So, what do you do? Do you, of course, take gaming out of the equation and devote more time to the stove? Or do you balance your time by eating snappier meals? Well, ask any gamer – any gamer at all, and you'll probably hear the same answer.

We're not overly accustomed to spending quality time without our crockery, unfortunately. We often put our priorities in all the wrong places and push aside useful life skills. Cooking, of course, being one of them. But that isn't to say no gamer can balance cooking classes with gaming sessions. Everybody is different in their own special way. However, that being said, I know for a fact every gamer can't so much as breathe without these following essentials.

Here are five foods every British gamer will recognise and no doubt be hungry for on a regular basis during 'the sesh'. Get stuck in, my friends. Pile up that stock and invite your mates over for a long one. It's about to get real.


Of course, it's cereal. It's always cereal. The fact that any idiot can pour some milk into a bowl and go to town truly is a magnificent thing. Some gamers even go as far as to pouring a whole carton into a family-sized box and annihilating it in their very laps. I, on the other hand, have yet to try this out. I fear my wife will leave me if I dare attempt it, to be honest.


This awe-inspiring snack is a surefire way to crunch down on meal time and feel motivated at the same time. That's because Pot Noodle have launched their marketing strategy with enough feel-good slogans to inflate the ego of any individual. So, thanks to the pep talk from a pot of noodles, we are able to feel the ambition coursing through our veins as we tackle the next big fight. Cheers, Pot Noodle.


Our American friends can probably vouch for this one, too. Crisps, also known as chips across the Atlantic, are essentially the go-to snack for gamers. There's no denying this even if you're allergic to friggin' potato. It's the most common thing to have stocked up in your cupboards and the quickfire starter to any gamers banquet. Everybody loves crisps.


Yeah, I know it isn't exactly healthy, okay? It also probably doesn't redeem us from the stereotype non-gamers tend to picture in their heads, either. But, believe it or not, we do tend to eat a lot of it and still manage to get ourselves in shape. Most of us.


Takeaway is undeniably the most convenient way to fill up without having to pitch in any time on the actual cooking process. Instead, we simply have to pause our game, collect it from the front door, and eat it on our laps. From Indian to Chinese, American to Italian, McDonalds to KFC; takeaway dominates when it comes to gamers essentials. And, whilst it doesn't technically assist in the healthy eating department, it sure does make up for in taste and quality. That's something I'll gladly gain weight for.

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Jord Tury
Jord Tury
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