5 Foods that Help with Anxiety

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Making our eating less defeating 🥑

5 Foods that Help with Anxiety
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There is a famous saying that what we put in is what we get back out. We are we eat and we become what we consume. This goes not just for the physical aspects but the emotional and mental as well. Diet is one of the most important parts of life. If you want to change your food habits to help with anxiety, you are in luck. This article shares 5 common anxiety-reducing foods to help cope with anxiety.

Let's get started:

1. Asparagus for Folate Deficiency

People who are prone to stress and anxiety have a folate deficiency. Asparagus is a vegetable that is rich in this confidence-boosting ingredient. A cup offers ⅔ of our daily folate needs.

Instead of munching on the french fries, add some grilled asparagus as a side dish. But if you still have a craving then check out dip cooked asparagus, hummus, and a bean dip.

2. Avocado for Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is responsible for neurotransmitters including serotonin that helps with the mood. B vitamins include riboflavin, niacin, and thiamin which boost your nervous system. People who are deficient in these vitamins are prone to depression and anxiety.

Avocados are rich in vitamin B which also improves the heart’s health and relieves stress. They also contain Vitamin E which is important for maintaining glowing skin, reproduction, and eye vision. Vitamin E also helps with blood vessels and is found in foods such as nuts and avocados.

You can also try avocado ice cream. It will provide you the nutrients your body needs. You can also blend a ripe banana, vanilla extract, and almond milk. Freeze it for some hours and then start working on it to boost your vitamin E levels.

3. Blueberries for Vitamin C

Vitamin C is needed to repair and protect our body cells. Blueberries are full of vitamin C. also offers antioxidants and helps with anxiety and discomfort. A study done on Vitamin C suggested that antioxidants are good for avoiding and reducing anxiety.

Blueberries are a great way to curb your hunger and lose weight. However, it is advised to not add extra sugar otherwise it may be a problem.

4. How About Turkey?

Turkey is sedative. It contains tryptophan which helps to sleep better especially after thanksgiving dinner. Tryptophan is a great amino acid that the body produces for neuro transmitting and serotonin. Both of these regulate sleep and mood. Tryptophan helps reduce anxiety and stress .

Instead of picking up the fried chicken from the market, you can focus on tryptophan so that you can feel better at least. This ingredient is present and it also contains unhealthy oil and fats which increase over time.

You can plan meals with turkey, vegetable rice, etc. This will be full of healthy nutrients.

5. Consuming Some Almonds

Magnesium is a good ingredient for dealing with anxiety symptoms. It increases the neurotransmitters in your brain along with serotonin to help you feel better. Just eat an ounce a day to consume 75% magnesium. 19% of your daily diet is based on magnesium. It is present in foods such as legumes, seeds.

Also, avoid the artery-clogging trans fats which are present in cookies. They also increase your depression levels by 48% as per a study. Munch on nuts instead of biscuits so you get healthy fats and fiber for increased gut health. You can also swap cookies for almonds so that babies can eat it. Avoid too much sugar. Add some chocolate chips with almonds if you are craving something sweet.

These ingredients if consumed regularly will surely improve your depression and anxiety levels. Make changes in your diet if it contains too much fat and adds fruits to make it more balanced. Follow the above-mentioned tips to give the help you need to move on with life personally and professionally.

Thanks for reading! For more inspiration, check out one of my favorite videos on good foods to eat! 🙏🏾

Jerome Shaw
Jerome Shaw
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