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4 food options to boost your immunity

Be healthy amidst this pandemic situation

By ShubhangiPublished 3 years ago 5 min read

Corona is taking a toll on human lives and we as an individual can't do much until the vaccine arrives. Still, when it comes to personal care and wellbeing, we can certainly help ourselves with all the required measures and precautions.

Speaking of personal care, you must think about including the right diet and lifestyle on a daily basis. Max motamedian , who has made a name for himself in the world of health and nutrition, also agrees to the same point.

As per him, any person around can assure good health and wellbeing while simply including the following food items to their schedule.

1. Eggs

Eggs are stacked with all the good proteins and healthy fats. Subsequently, you can rely on them to bring some high-quality nutrition on your platter during these struggling times. Discussing the protein content, an entire egg contains around 6 grams of proteins.

Eggs can be consumed in raw, cooked, or fried form and this is where it comes over as one of the most versatile food options around.

2. Fresh fruits and vegetables

Apart from proteins, your body also requires other essential vitamins and minerals and this is where consumption of fruits and vegetables comes as a pre-requisite. At this pandemic hour, you really have to fill up the platter with loads of Vitamin C and antioxidants.

For all those people who don’t know much about Vitamin C, it really helps to increase your body’s immunity to a great extent. So, consuming fresh citrus fruits like oranges, lemon and amla is always going to be helpful in your efforts to combat the virus

Moreover, you must also go with all the fresh vegetables like sweet potato, kale, spinach, broccoli, on a daily basis. All of these veggies are high in fibers and keep your gut and digestive system healthy alongside.

3. Spices and condiments

In case if you don't know about the relevance of certain spices and condiments in treating viruses and infections, you are absolutely losing on a great deal of information related to your health and wellbeing. According to Mohsen motamedian, certain Indian spices and condiments turmeric, cinnamon, clove, and garlic have proved their effectiveness in treating numerous health issues around.

According to him, all of these homemade remedies are highly used across various parts of the globe by medical experts and specialists.

4. Tea and Coffee

While Tea and coffee are full of antioxidants, you should cut the sugar and dairy from the mix to get the best benefits out of the same. Both Tea and Coffee comes stacked with antioxidants that enable our body to fight all kind of flu, fever, influenza, and random other medical issues.

Mohsen motamedian export says that consuming tea and coffee twice a day can literally help you to stay active and immune during this pandemic situation. Also, opt for different variants of tea or coffee-like Green tea, herbal tea or green coffee for best results.

5. Citrus fruits

The majority of the citrus fruits are quite rich in vitamin C and this is where consuming fruits like Oranges, lemon, Amla and berries is highly recommended.

Vitamin C, as proved by various studies and medical researchers, helps in increasing immunity in human beings.

As per Mohen motamedian export, all of the citrus fruits are highly effective in making us non-receptive to various flu, viruses, and bacteria around. Hence, we must look into their consumption on a daily basis while keeping them as a basic aspect of our diet.

Well, if you aren’t a big fan of orange and lime, mohsen motamedian suggests the consumption of other citrus fruits options like Clementine, grapefruits, and tangerines.

6. Bell peppers

Other than citrus fruits, if there’s another food item that has made its way as a big source of vitamin C, it is ‘Bell peppers'. Bell peppers, especially the red ones, contain high amounts of ( 127 mg) of Vitamin C, and that's where you can take them as an amazing alternative for the oranges.

Aside from Vitamin C, the red bell peppers come as a rich source of beta carotene that is enormously valuable for your hair, skin, and eyes.

7. Brocolli

Brocolli has put its name straight up there in the coveted list of low-carb vegetables on earth. Other than accompanying all the necessary nutrients and minerals, this vegetable also comes loaded with anti-oxidants that are highly reliable in fighting various health-related issues within the body.

Max motamedian says that you can have this vegetable in raw, roasted, boiled, or any form as per your taste and preference.

Also, as it doesn’t contain high calories, you can take it as a perfect vegetable to support your weight loss efforts while staying home during the lockdown

8. Garlic

Garlic has always been known for having the best anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties among the big list of vegetables around.

Additionally, it is been utilized as a medication in numerous countries to battle various kinds of infections and viruses.

Max motamedian says that bringing garlic into your daily diet is a great idea in the wake of the current pandemic situation around.

9. Almonds

Almonds have made it to the morning meal platter of pretty much every other family over the globe. Other than being a very much perceived superfood, it is a notable protein source for the vast majority of the veggie lovers out there on the planet.

Almonds can be consumed in raw or soaked form and you can make them a key part of your desserts, smoothies, and other stuff. Mohsen motamedian export likewise says that a handful of almonds contains around 8gms of protein and heaps of healthy fats and fibers alongside.

10. Chicken

If you are a meat lover, there's no chance that you aren’t in love with Chicken. Other than being extremely delicious, chicken is also high on protein content (50gm protein in each 100gm ). According to Mohsen motamedian USA, this is the key motivation behind why each meat-eater around the globe favors chicken over all the accessible protein sources.


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