3 Ways to save grocery money and eat healthily

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How I turned a bad article into a better one!

3 Ways to save grocery money and eat healthily
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Part one:

I once read this article where I used to work. They had it posted for people to see while they used the bathroom. When I read this article I thought “well, it’s a nice concept for an article but this article really doesn’t tell me anything on how to save money while eating healthy.”

Here is what the article said…

3 Ways to save grocery money and eat healthily

Most of us spend anywhere from 7% to 35% of our income on food! So with that kind of investment, it’s wise to want the best nutritional bang for your buck!:

Here are three shopping strategies to help you bring home good nutrition without breaking the bank:

· Plan Ahead: Create a week of healthy meals. Make a specific shopping list and stick to it! There are websites with planning and pricing tools to help you.

· Play ring around the market. Produce, dairy, meats and seafood, whole grain bread is often found around the store’s perimeter and not down the aisles. Buy only what you can eat in a few days.

· Shop wisely. You can find healthful staples in the interior aisles of the market- such as canned and frozen fruits and vegetables, whole-grain pasta and cereals, brown rice and dried beans. Compare nutrition value to help you make wise choices.

Now notice I did not tell you who the article was from or the site it came from. This is to protect the privacy of the company and it really isn’t important to the point I am trying to make.

The point is this article really didn’t tell you how to save money just where everything is located in a grocery store. But you already know where everything is located in a grocery store because you always shop for food every week. The only point it really makes is: shop wisely and healthy. Always compare the nutritional value to help you make those wise choices. Making a list and sticking to it is about the only way it mentions to save money.

See when you don’t make a list and stick to it you always walk out of the store with more than you intended and then you realize you spent more than you planned on.

Part 2

Now I am going to tell you a better way to save money. Like the first article should have done.

The first one actually started out good. But here I will explain better how it should have done.

3 Ways to save grocery money and eat healthily

Plan Ahead. Create a week of healthy meals. Make a specific shopping list and stick to it! When you create a shopping list each week it gives you an idea and a plan on what you need to buy. Then when you go to the store you only get the items on your list. Don’t start putting everything you see in your shopping cart. This is how you end up spending more than you planned. If you only get what is on your list it is easier to stick to your budgeted amount for groceries.

Do your shopping once a week. When you go to the store and only get a few things for a day or two and do this every couple of days then you end up spending more than if you made a list and shopped once a week or month. So buy all your groceries once a week or month and then if you do happen to run out of something like a gallon of milk or a loaf of bread when you do go in the middle of the week you only get that item. But if you look through the frig and the cupboards and plan you shouldn’t run out too often.

Never go shopping hungry Always eat a meal or a snack before going to the store to shop. Never go while hungry. It is proven that when you go while hungry you spend more. This is how you blow your budget.

Now see how this article is better than the first one? This actually gives you tips on how you can save money on your grocery bill. There are many other ways but this is three small ways to get you started.

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