3 Step, 3 Dollar, Low Calorie and Gluten Free "Pasta" And Meat Sauce Recipe

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Only 230 Calories and $3.18 per Serving

3 Step, 3 Dollar, Low Calorie and Gluten Free "Pasta" And Meat Sauce Recipe

"Why food great when I'm tryna lose weight"...or, whatever Lizzo said.

Jokes aside, sticking to a healthy, clean diet is hard, especially in a world of such delicious food options. Up until recently, my patterns of healthy eating have gone in waves; horrified determination to eat better and get back into shape, temptation by delicious but heavy meals on my "no" list, and the inevitable falling back into bad eating habits and the resulting sluggish lifestyle.

The thing is, depriving yourself entirely of what you love isn't a way of going about life. For myself, and many others, the trick to a diet that actually works is to find a healthier substitute to mimic your favorite meals.

I've been able to stick to my gluten free, low calorie, low carb diet for weeks because I've found healthier options to satisfy my "no-list" cravings. I feel less bloated, my joints are less inflamed and achey, and my energy levels are much higher now that I'm fueling my body with what it needs. Plus, I'm shedding those extra pounds packed on by high-carb/sugar/fat diets.

Not only are these meals low in calories, they're affordable. Here are the important changes to a classic Pasta and Meat Sauce Recipe:

What are Miracle Noodles? Already popular in Japan, Shirataki Noodles are a vegetable-based noodle derived from the Konjac Yam, also affectionately known as the "Devil's Tongue" Yam. Unlike other gluten free options, the Miracle Noodles maintain a similar consistency to regular pasta. There are no grainy particles found in certain gluten free pastas, and, best of all-- an entire package of Miracle Noodles has zero calories.

Zero. Calorie. Pasta. What a time to be alive.

Miracle Noodles are tasteless when properly prepared, but make sure to thoroughly rinse before use, as the noodles have a slight earthy flavor.

Amount of Servings: 2

Calories Per Serving: 230

Cost of Meal for 2: $6.36

1 Cup Lean Ground Turkey (1 cup = 340 calories) (Price = $2.27 per cup)

1 Cup Garlic Onion Marinara Sauce (1 cup = 120 calories) (Price = $1.79)

1 Package Miracle Noodles (0 calories) (Price=$2.30)

Season turkey to taste and sauté on med-high heat until browned. Drain excess fat/oil from pan and add sauce to pan. Prepare Miracle Noodles according to package.

Don't forget we're saving the Earth in 2020. Pick up some reusable plastic bags and lunch boxes for any leftovers.

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