20 Benefits of Health Medicinal from Solanum Torvum/ Turkey Berry

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SOLANUM TORVUM/TURKEY BERRY is one of the most effective medicinal plant product. In this article, we have listed 20 beneficial health tips you should know about it.

20 Benefits of Health Medicinal from Solanum Torvum/ Turkey Berry
Turkey Berry

Life, as we say, is precious but if proper care is not taken and ingredient needed by the body is not provided you might end up losing your life. A lot of people are calling to ask about the natural remedy of some illness. From the creation of things, plants have been useful to mankind. In the ancient era, most of the people solemnly depend on plants as an important source of treatment both for chronic and acute diseases. For instance, one woman called explaining bitterly that she was having irregular menstruation. She has been to hospital but yet no good result. We gave her this same advice.

In our 21st century, the majority depends on chemical(orthodox) medicine to cure the diseases that have a lot of side effects. As people begin to research for what our forefathers used in curing diseases there has also been a growing demand on the medicinal plant. It’s caring to know that almost all the people are now resorting to plants for their daily medicinal use. Today our focus will be on (SOLANUM TORVUM/TURKEY). Solanum Torvum can be found in almost all parts of the world. It’s a bit sour so a lot of people don’t like to taste it but is truly a medicinal product. To make our article simple we have divided it into 2 sections .

· Nutritional content of Solanum Torvum / Turkey Berry

· 20 incredible health benefit of Solanum Torvum


The fruits of solanum torvum are regularly used in most part of the world because of its mineral composition. The fruits contain: High moisture content (86.23%), Carbohydrate (7.03%), Proteins (2.33%), Fats 0.28 %, Ash 0.12%, Crude fiber 3.99%, Vitamin A & C, Calcium, Zinc, Manganese, Copper.


We mostly use Solanum Torvum or turkey berry in our home meals. Due to its bitter taste, most people don’t want to taste at all. Furthermore, the health benefits of Solanum Torvum or Turkey berries are outrageous. We have a list of 20 health benefits of Turkey berry. It might not be enough but it will help most of the readers.

Turkey Berry

1. Treats Cold: The most uncomfortable illness is flu or cold. It affects your breathing system. The syrup that’s obtained from boiling the leaves and flowers is used as a treatment for the cold.

2. Treats Anaemia: Insufficient iron leads to loss of blood that’s anaemia. This is caused by fatigue, weakness, depression, headache and migraines. Turkey berries are rich in irons and stimulate the production of red blood cells when used to prepare food. It’s rich in copper and other components that help to increase the counts of red blood cells.

3. It helps improves brain function: Furthermore, Solanum torvum in your diet helps increase the blood flow in your brain. That’s it helps transport a higher amount of oxygen to your noggin, which enhances memory and analytic thought. Since it’s rich in a lot of nutrients it helps protect the brain against disease and toxins that may have caused damage to the brain. It also promotes blood flow.

4. It helps reduce weight: Weight loss is one of the most important things in human life in this era. People spend a lot of time at the gym trying to reduce weight. By eating Solanum torvum it helps facilitate weight loss. This is because it has low calorie and rich in fibre and other nutrients.

5. Regulate Menstruation: Menstrual irregularity among women is one of the disturbing situations in their life. Adding Solanum torvum to their food helps regulate their menstrual cycle. You can also blend and drink it regularly.

6. Treatment of erectile dysfunction: This a disturbing moment among men when they are on age but can’t have an erection because there’s a disorder of connector neuron between central nervous in the brain and the nerves in the penis. Adding turkey berry in our diet can help the blood to flow from the bloodstream to the penis. It helps fix neurological damage in the connector neuron.

7. Treatment of Diabetes: Consuming Turkey berry helps in treating diabetes. It helps lower blood sugar level.

8. Improves Heart function: Turkey berry contains a lot of fibre, Vitamins and other nutrients which help improves the functioning of the heart. It helps to lower heart disease, which leads to death.

9. It aids in digestion: Turkey berry contains a lot of dietary fibres to aid our digestive system. Consuming Solanum Torvum helps ease digestion because it contains very little fat. It enables the body to easily process foods and support the absorption of nutrients.

10. It helps improves pregnancy: Expectant mothers always want to see their baby in their arms because it makes them feel relief after delivery. Due to complications, you might lose the baby. Consuming Solanum torvum helps protect infants from defection and diseases within the neural tube.

11. It helps improve bone function: Turkey berry is rich in Vitamins, copper and other nutrients, it helps improve osteoporosis and bone degradation. It helps increase bone mineral density, strength.

12. Improves Immune System: Solanum torvum helps strengthen our immune system because it contains a lot of vital nutrients that the body needs to function properly. The antiviral and antimicrobial properties help protect the body from infection.

13. Treatment of Malaria: Traditionally, when one is suffering from malaria the roots of Solanum torvum are boiled, lime juice is added and the whole bottle is drunk as a treatment of malaria. This is a very effective relieve in treating malaria.

14. Treatment of Toothache: Toothache is pain or inflammation in or around the tooth, often caused by tooth infection that leads to decay or infection. When you pound the root of the solanum torvum and insert it into the cavity of the decayed tooth, it helps relieve the pain.

15. Treatment of abnormal pain: It’s pain from inside of the abdomen or the outer muscle wall, ranging from mild and temporary to serve and requiring emergency care. Consuming Turkey berries helps in treating stomachaches. It helps in neutralizing the acid in the stomach. This is important for healing gastric ulcers.

16. Reduce cancer: The extract of Solanum torvum helps protect against lung cancer. This is because it contains an antibacterial and anti-fungal component that help stops excessive cell growth.

17. Treatment of eye problem: Solanum torvum contains Vitamin that is very good for eye development. This helps improve eyesight.

18. Treatment of weakness: The juice or the syrups obtained from boiling the root is used to treat vomiting caused by weakness.

19. Treatment of wounds: This is the best medicine for treating the wounds and other skin infection or diseases. Blend the leaves and apply to the wounds.

20. Treatment of asthma: Turkey berry has been proven to be effective in treating asthma. Juice or syrup obtain from boiling the leaves. It’s used as water by the patient.

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