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10 Reasons Why Blending Your Food Will Make You Happier and Healthier

Ever thought to pull out the mighty blender for supper? You may actually be thinking in the right direction, as blending your food will make you happier and healthier, as long as you aren't only making milkshakes.

Most people wouldn't seem too inclined to pull out the blender for a meal, but these days it's the most beneficial and health-inducing active kitchen utensil for dieting, weight loss, and general mood-boosting. It's most often used by gym junkies and health gurus to its extreme, but you can make the best strawberry mint flax seed smoothie with your own bare hands. It's about time you dusted off the Vitamix and started blending your way into that summer body you've been dreaming about (or simply to flush those unwanted emotions down the drain).

Is it better to blend? That's the ultimate question, one with a variety of answers that simply highlight the obvious: yes. Of course blending food is far better and more beneficial for the body and mind, but it's definitely more tedious, time consuming, plus often messy. While you could sit there and simply complain about the experience, instead you could be making the most tasty, extravagant and mood-boosting concoctions, since blending your food will make you happier and healthier. Why would you even turn it down?

If you're one trying to reap the benefits from the recently discovered fact that blending food will make you happier and healthier, there's no other maker on the market as advanced, or as affordable as the Vitamix Professional Series. You don't need to take my word for it, take theirs:

"Our responsive controls create a full range of textures, from chunky salsas to smoother smoothies, letting you adjust each blend to your own taste buds."

Easily cook supper at the push of a button thanks to Vitamix's walk-away convenience feature. The Vitamix blender also utilizes pre-programmed settings so that cleaning is not only swift, but stress free. It wouldn't be on this list if it wasn't powerful enough to blend the toughest of mixtures, no matter if you're producing recipes like frozen desserts, purees, smoothies, soups, or even full blown meals.

Superfood Cocktails

Most people would instantaneously turn to smoothies or milkshakes as their go-to blending options, as I myself love these delicacies, but did you know you can also blend your meals together? Sounds pretty gross, or maybe even unnecessary (since your teeth already do that for you), but it's one way blending your food will make you happier and healthier!

"Superfood cocktails," as they're called by connoisseurs, tend to contain a large quantity of natural feel good ingredients, like chia seeds, protein powder, cacao, maca, and the like. These food types aren't the best when eaten raw, but when blended they make for truly engaging beverage that will not only taste good, but boost your mood and productivity.


Yeah, blending your food will make you happier and healthier, especially since it's among the best ways to eat vegetables. In addition to providing a wide range of health benefits, it also eliminates the highly unwanted (and often unwarranted) Caesar salad (plus it tastes better, too).

Veggies are no one's best friend, but when blended they make for a truly delectable meal that's not too filling and has all the right benefits, without the unnecessary additives like goitrogens. A simple kale, bok choy, cilantro, broccoli, and parsley vegetable smoothie can make your day brighter and ten times healthier.

Surprisingly Filling

While it may not appear as filling, smoothies and blended meals alike tend to leave you fuller than with regular consumption methods. This is mostly due to the fact that you're technically eating a liquid. Much like wrestlers and weightlifters, boosting weight for a weigh-in can often be as simple as downing a gallon of water.

Likewise, when consuming blended foods, your body is in effect getting more than you put into the drink—that is, if you make it thick enough. This takes a tad bit longer to produce, but the finished product is, as you might expect, chewier and more of an actual meal than a drink. That's just one way blending your food will make you happier and healthier.

Simplifies Eating Fats

Get all of your body's natural necessities (ie, those highly necessary omega-3 fatty acids) when you blend up the not-so great tasting individual flavors of MCT oil, flax (or hemp) seed oil, coconut milk (and/or coconut oil), and extra virgin avocado oil.

They don't sound like much, but when pulverized and combined into a tasty, delectable beverage, these grouped ingredients can boost beneficial anti-inflammatory functions in the body, as so used by the aforementioned omega-3s. While it may not be first on your list of woes, anti-inflammatory is among ways blending your food will make you happier and healthier.

Eases Digestion

A happy diet necessitates the way your digestive tract operates. Not all of our digestive systems work in the same way; some operate slower than others, while still some operate swifter—no matter the case, blending your food will make you healthier and happier simply through the easing and relaxation of your digestion itself.

After consuming blended foods, consumers will note their metabolism works much faster than normal without draining too much of that all-too valuable energy. In fact, blended meals actually boost energy for this very reason; faster digestion belies enhanced attentiveness and overall clear-headedness, as well.

Beneficial for Teeth

Much the same as in your slowed digestion, so too does blending's liquid form give aid to teeth health and cleanliness. While practically everyone on the planet might see themselves as having purely whites, it's safe to say not one of us knows how to accurately brush our teeth: 2 minutes is all you need!

That assertion, however, is not the case. More to the point, blending your food will make you healthier and happier through stronger, whiter teeth. By blending your meals instead, you bypass the unfavorable setback of regular eating in which tiny morsels and microscopic foodstuffs get jammed and cornered between teeth. Chewy, blended up foods will be much better for overall teeth hygiene when constituted in the long run.

Speedy (or No) Cooking Time

If all you have to do is toss your ingredients in a blender and press a button, why even concern yourself with the normality of consumption by way of actual foods? Literally one of the most understated reasonings why blending your food will make you healthier and happier is the swiftness with which you can make them: two minutes, or less.

Despite the fact that you're not learning something simple, like how to make a Shamrock shake, blending foods isn't necessarily difficult. After you pick it up once, "cook-blending" becomes almost second nature, and is often better in a variety of ways (as presented here).

Nutrient Absorption

Due to the fact that blended meals tend to be far more enriching in areas of nutrient absorption and overall energy levels, it's clear that blending your food will make you happier and healthier simply through the process of nature.

Since there's more raw ingredients in blended beverages, nutrients are given unto the body swifter than normally. It comes as no surprise that blending healthy food is a powerful provider of able nutrients swiftly rendered when needed, leaving you far more focused and energized.

Limits Waste Production

Obviously going hand in hand with how meal preparations are typically much faster when blending meals, cleaning up after your supper, lunch or breakfast is far more simplified, as well. After all, there's only one or two things you need to clean: the blender and the blender's top.

It's not necessarily beneficial health-wise, unless you count the reduced stress accumulated from more and more empty sinks, but blending your food will make you happier and healthier by way of simplifying your typical clean up. Oh, and on another note, leftover food is more frequently utilized in blended food, eliminating the need to throw away unwanted half-eaten meals.

Increased Liquid Consumption

I may have already stated this when concerning other benefits inherent in the blending of foods, but I can't stress enough how important it is: raised liquid consumption has an uplifting factor for all, since water is the most necessary form of consumption needed in life (humans are around 70-80 percent water, after all).

Besides that obvious assertion, of course, blending your food will make you happier and healthier simply by way of hydrating you on a consistent and unknowing level. You're basically drinking your meals, so not only are you gaining protein and fiber, but also that extremely necessary H20.

Johnson Bernard
Johnson Bernard
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