10 Benefits of Amla for your Health

Benefits of Amla

10 Benefits of Amla for your Health
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Nowadays everyone has become so busy due to the runaway lifestyle that they are unable to pay attention to their health. Women, in particular, ignore their health completely due to the dual responsibilities of home and office. In the early morning, she skips breakfast and even at night, due to fatigue, she is unable to concentrate on her food. On the contrary, for a healthy lifestyle, it is very important to focus on your diet.

In such a situation, you have to struggle with some disease. But, you do not have to worry because today I am going to tell you about a thing that is very beneficial for health. And the best part of it is that people have been eating it for years to stay healthy. Yes, I am talking about Amla (Indian Gooseperry) jam. You might feel a bit strange to hear how the gooseberry jam can drive away diseases.

Amla is a vitamin C rich fruit which is beneficial for you in all its forms. You can use it dry or raw. In Indian homes, it is commonly used in the form of pickles, jam or chutney. Therefore, it is very useful for your health and you can consume it in a lot of different ways as you like. It is such a good fruit that even after drying it in the sun, you will not find any difference in its properties.

That is to say, the nutrients present in the gooseberry are not reduced, even after boiling it or drying it in the sun. Amla is considered a treasure of benefits in Ayurveda and its jam is good for your health. You all must have heard that 'Amla has many benefits', it is also right. It is a medicinal fruit as well. You all will realize the benefits of gooseberry, once you start eating it in a way as mentioned above./

Amla is a treasure of qualities and it enhances the beauty by taking care of your heart and the digestive system.

Here are the ten benefits of amla for your health.

1. If you want to improve your eyesight, then drink honey mixed with amla juice. It is also beneficial in cataract problems.

2. Amla contains a lot of chromium, which is beneficial for diabetes patients. Actually, chromium activates the cells that make insulin and the function of this hormone is to control blood sugar in the body.

3. To keep the heart healthy, make a habit of eating amla daily. This will strengthen the muscles of your heart, which will enable the heart to supply more and clean blood to the body. Of course, this will keep you healthy.

4. Amla has anti-bacterial quality, which increases the immunity power of the body and gives it the strength to fight infections.

5. If you have a bad stomach, eat amla. Actually, because of laxative quality, it is very beneficial in relieving problems like diarrhea.

6. Amla is also added to many hair products. Actually, it has been observed that amla makes hair strong, strengthens its roots and also prevents hair fall to a great extent.

7. A research has shown that eating amla powder, honey and butter before eating food helps to hunger.

8. If you have a problem of acidity, then take one gram of amla powder and a little sugar mixed with a glass of water or milk. Taking this drink twice a day will remove the problem of acidity.

9. Amla has plenty of vitamin B, C, calcium, phosphorus, and iron. So it is a healthy option to include it in your diet.

10. Amla helps to digest food properly, which gives you many nutrients.

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