Youngest of Three

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What's It like Being the Youngest

Youngest of Three
Old Fashioned Three Sisters

There are very many people who were the third born, but when it comes to those sibling videos, they are always about two siblings and never three. Here are a few things to keep in mind about the youngest sibling, this list does not apply to everyone it is mostly a personal preference, but maybe it can teach you a few things.

  1. Being oblivious. It can be obvious that us younger siblings are oblivious to certain things such as street names, or how to get somewhere, or the scratch on the car that was not there before. The reason for this is because we are always used to someone else taking charge. Someone else will drive you, will look at the directions and know what to do or where to go. Then, when I am suddenly by myself. I have to rely on a GPS otherwise I will end up driving across the city because I got lost.
  2. Where is the Starbucks? When you are the younger sibling in the family, your other siblings would bribe you to get you to do stuff with them. Like if they wanted to drag you somewhere and you did not want to go, they would say something like "I will buy you candy" and immediately the situation changed and you've become the pack mule for your sisters' shopping trip. The truth is that it still works. My sisters know I am a sucker for getting a Starbucks drink. I don't like coffee, but if a frappuccino is mentioned, that's it, I am sold. That does not mean I will do anything for anyone or let myself be used.
  3. Growing up a little too fast. I have seen things that when my sisters were my age, they never saw. I mean like movies, I watched The Matrix for the first time when I was nine, but my sisters were twelve and ten and a half. When your older sister had to do a chore, she would complain and then I would also get roped in, which meant less play time for me.
  4. You have a go with the flow attitude. As the youngest sibling, you never had your way growing up and it is pretty much the same when you are grown up. Your oldest sister might be the planner in your family and she will have everything to the minute planned out. This is okay with me, because I am not the type to create a plan and actually go through with it. With the oldest sister in charge, she will make sure that you do go through with the plan and will make you stick it out to the end.
  5. Family dinners—Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter are all big holidays and everyone is expected to help. It was always my two older sisters in the kitchen and I was given the job of taste tester and then I would set the table because that's all that there was left to do, which means less work for me in the end. Now, I am stuck with the job because I don't put in the perfectionist effort that is required for certain kitchen tasks.
  6. Hand-me-downs. Your oldest sister was lucky because she got all the new clothes, then it would be your older sister and then you would get the already very much worn hand-me-downs and by the time it reached you, those clothes were out of style and you had no choice but to rock those old clothes, which I graciously did. Overalls were no longer in, once I had them on, but I was not the fashionista in the family, so it did not bother me.
  7. The baby. No matter how old you get, you are always the baby of the family and are often referred to that. My parents used it as a nickname for me when growing up, I even now sometimes feel like I am being treated like a baby there are certain tasks my family will not let me do because it is "too dangerous."
  8. Being swept aside. Your oldest sister got all the attention when she was born, then when your next sibling was born your parents had one child to take care of and then you came and no one really seemed to care as much because you were not the first born and they have seen it all. My parents have the most baby videos of my oldest sister and a few of my older sister and almost nothing of me. So, now you seek attention from your family by either acting out or being loud and obnoxious and ended up taking drama or in band to be center stage.
  9. Solitude. Let me be. Your parents had probably focused on your older siblings more than you, so being alone happened. We have learned how to be by ourselves and how to enjoy your own company. I can go shopping by myself and not feel weird.
  10. Older siblings always had your back. For as long as I can remember, we had begged our dad to buy us a dog. Our oldest sister could care less about dogs, but she told us ways of how to manipulate our parents so we could come home with my beloved dog. It was my birthday and we got a phone call that our friends who happened to be vets have a dog to give away and during the car ride, we got our dad to tell stories of his own dog. Then, we managed to convince my mom to bring him home and he became our dog.
  11. Things are easier. When your older sister wants to go away on a trip somewhere with her boyfriend, your parents stand at a definitive no, but luckily your older siblings know how to get her way and eventually she gets what she wants making life so much easier for you. I asked to go away for a trip with my boyfriend and I only had to beg them twice and it was a yes for me. Thanks, big sister.
  12. You never have to figure out things for yourself. This trait can be a positive or a negative. It is positive because when you need to take the bus to school or something and it's your first time, your sisters will explain everything to you, mostly because they know if they don't explain to you will get lost and it will be their fault. It can be a negative because when you are on your own figuring out things for yourself is hard. I can't even begin to explain the ways I have got lost trying to get somewhere on my own.
  13. Being the youngest is the best because you will always have great role models.
Ada Zuba
Ada Zuba
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