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Who am I ?


By Dagmar GoeschickPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

Who am I?

I am an old soul with lots of history to tell.

I love my family, my dog, and to travel.

I am what I am.

I am cool - I am hot.

I am weak - I am strong.

I am stupid - I am intelligent.

I am daughter - I am mother.

I am wife - I am friend.

I am old - I am young.

I am, what I am.

I will not fit in any category!

I do not conform to people's expectations. I am not a someone who readily acquiesces to societal norms without questioning them. I am not one to easily relinquish tasks. I am not someone who enjoys losing a battle. Life is too brief to make too many errors. A single error might result in prolonged periods of unhappiness. Who want possession of this? Nobody desires to find himself in a predicament where they must rectify an error or something akin to an error. Naturally, we are instructed that each error serves as a valuable instrument for personal growth, enabling us to glean wisdom from previous experiences. Indeed, while it is accurate to acknowledge this fact, it is as accurate to recognize that each error hinders progress rather than propelling us ahead in our life.

What are the advantages of making a mistake? According to the elderly, the advantage is that you will not repeat that error in the future. Indeed, it is correct. However, this condition applies just to errors that may be promptly and effortlessly rectified. Once we encounter a substantial problem, we are immediately faced with difficulty. Significant errors have the potential to completely devastate our entire existence, regardless of the circumstances. We are cautiously treading on a precarious path, being mindful of our steps to ensure that we do not cause any harm to our surroundings. While walking, we undergo a remarkable transformation in our life cycle on a daily basis. With each stride, we age, gain wisdom or lose it, grow taller or shorter, gain or lose weight, fortify our character, perceive things from a new perspective each day, alter or solidify our beliefs.

However, what accompanies our journey through life? Education, schooling, adolescence, adulthood, marriage, parenthood, employment, illness, sorrow, joy, funerals, job termination, career transition, guiding your children towards being responsible adults. The list is quite extensive and maybe indefinite due to the inherent challenges of existence.

With each challenge, a profound alteration occurs in every aspect of our lives. What is considered correct today may be deemed wrong tomorrow. The beliefs we have today may become insignificant tomorrow. The things we possess today may cease to exist in the future. Nothing is eternal; the only constant presence in our lives is ourselves. It is only I and myself, without any further elements. Only myself and I are the sole entities in life upon which we can confidently depend, as we possess the most intimate knowledge of our own selves. Presumably. However, we possess knowledge about our potential responses in particular circumstances, our course of action in the event of unfavourable outcomes, our approach when faced with failure, and our handling of familial or existential issues. The individual and the self in each of us will propel us into the subsequent phase, regardless of its appearance.

Having stated that:

I exist as I am.

I am an individual,

I am a cherished individual with ancestral ties,

I am devoted to my fate,

I am optimistic about the future of my family,

I am the guardian of their well-being.

I exist as I am.

I am ME.


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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran3 months ago

    This was so profound and powerful! So well done!

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