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Where Do I Fit In?

by Jon Metts 9 days ago in fact or fiction
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As A Young Boy Jon Is Looking For Some Place He Belongs, But Seems To Be Pushed Away From Everyone That Should Have Loved Him.

Where Do I Fit In?
Photo by Kat J on Unsplash

Jon was born on August 28th 1977 In a small town in Michigan called , Marshall. To Jon and Evia.

Now something happened before Jon was Born! Jon ( The Father ) of baby Jon had split up with Jon's mom leaving a bartender about to give birth to her 2nd child alone to deal with it all alone. One day while at work Evia's water broke while on shift, knowing the hospital was only 3 blocks away Evia managed to walk to the hospital. Now Evia was scared because Baby Jon was not due yet 1 But baby Jon was not going to wait. Baby Jon was born a premature baby. After baby Jon was born his Father came to see him and Evia. That's when Jon Sr. Finds out that Evia was still Married son baby Jon last name was not going to be his so, Baby Jon's Father said that was not his boy and left never to look back again.

Because baby Jon was so small he had to stay at the Hospital for a few weeks, has mommy was released. Evia seen Jon everyday and told baby Jon not to worry mommy was going to find a better life for them both. The day came to bring baby Jon home and Mommy came to pick him up and the 1st place they went was to Evia's aunt's house Maybel, Maybel was so happy to see baby Jon she even had a room already for him. Now of course baby Jon did not know what was about to happen. He was being takin to his great aunts house to stay without his mommy .

Why was Jon being left behind? What was Evia doing? Well Evia remembered her promise to make a better life for Jon so she had to leave baby Jon while she went to see her parents in Florida. Jon was the 1st male born in the family so this was going to really make the grandparents happy, Evia get's to Florida And don't say anything about baby Jon right away. She waits till the next morning. As she is having breakfast she tell her mom and dad about baby Jon. The grandparents are so excided and happy but then they realize baby Jon is not here so where is he they both ask at the same time... Evia tell her parents to have a seat she needed to ask for help but 1st she had to tell them that Jon Sr. left her.

After dinner Evia finally breaks down and tells her parents that she is left to raise baby Jon and his older sister by herself. Evia's dad was not having that. Banner (Evia's Dad ) stood up and said everyone in bed now in the morning we are going to get our grandbabies and bring them back to Florida with us.! And so that is what happened...

After a nice long 24 hr car ride they finally get to Mabel's house to see that baby Jon was doing just fine and starting to gain so much needed weight. Baby Jon gets to see his Mawmaw and Pawpaw for the 1st time. and after being passed back and forth for what seemed like hrs. Baby Jon fell asleep, So mommy said 1st thing in the morning she wanted to take her 2 kids back to Florida and never look back. 6am Came and everyone gets packed and Mabel tearfully say's her bye's to baby Jon and loaded him into his car/seat for the long ride to his new life.


fact or fiction

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Jon Metts

Just a dad of 6 kids wanting to try something I never thought I'd be good at but was always told I should so please be nice.

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  • Kendra9 days ago

    I want to read more please write more

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