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Turmoil of Divorce

The heartbreak felt when a boy parts from his dad to begin a new chapter of life.

By Jesse BridgesPublished 7 months ago 3 min read

In the dimly lit room, a heavy sense of sorrow hung in the air. The son, restless and lost in thought, absently twirled a crumpled piece of paper between his fingers like the tangle of emotions that knotted his heart. Beside him sat his father, his gaze was out the window but his heart was fixed on the uncertain future that loomed ahead.

The impending move, a consequence of the divorce that had torn apart their once-unified home, weighed heavily on both of them. The son's mother, was to arrive any moment. They were about to embark on a long journey where the son would meet his soon to be step-father. Know their time together would soon end, the father extended his hand and gently rested it on his son's shoulder. The touch was tender, it spilled out a lifetime of shared experiences and expressed assurance to what was to come. The son looked up, his eyes betraying his emotions, shimmered at the edges. Holding back the tears. He held his father's hand firmly, a grasp that spoke of fear, sadness, but also of an unbreakable bond only a father and son could understand.

Their eyes locked, and in that shared gaze, a torrent of emotions surged between them. Love mingled with sorrow, the ache of impending separation and the longing for the days when they were a complete family. The son, seeking solace, leaned into his father's embrace. The father held his son close, his heart echoing the son's pain. In this sacred silence, that was more profound and expressive than any words could be. Enveloped in the warmth of each other, they found solace knowing their love was resilient, this bond would remain strong and overcome any distance.

A knock resounded through the room, and the weight of the moment settled in their hearts like an anchor plunging into the depths. It was a turning point, a threshold they were about to cross, and their lives were on the verge of an irreversible transformation. The father rose from his seat, his eyes reflecting a mixture of hope and apprehension, and gently placed his hand on his son's cheek. He offered a half-hearted smile, urging his son to remain positive amidst the uncertainty that loomed.

However, the son saw past the facade, recognizing the wavering confidence in his father's gaze. Unable to contain the torrent of emotions any longer, tears welled up, and he embraced his father tightly, as if to anchor himself in that fleeting moment. Then came another knock, A little louder this time, echoing through the room and sending a shiver down the son's spine.

The father, bending down to the son's height, tenderly pressed a kiss to his forehead and held his gaze once more. The son felt an urge to fall to his knees and pray for a miracle, a reversal of their circumstances. But he knew he had a role to play, a path to walk.

Summoning his resolve, he nodded at his father and gave a final squeeze of reassurance, before turning towards the door that held the unknown. It was a bittersweet departure, the closing of a chapter, and the beginning of a new, uncertain one. Yet, in that fragile moment, they both knew no matter the distance or time, nothing could separate the bond between father and son. The father peers through the window as the car fades into the distance. Hoping his son will grow into a strong man, remembering the morals he tried to instill in him and praying the boys memory of him would not fade. knowing at his young age it was certain to, he lost all control, fell back onto the bed and began to weep.


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  • Alex H Mittelman 7 months ago

    Divorce is sad!

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