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The 38-year-old female doctor urgently needs 800,000 yuan in the terminal stage of cancer. Her husband begs for divorce: please let me go

38-year-old female doctor urgently needs 800,000 for terminal cancer

By davidPublished about a year ago 14 min read

"You let me live!"

In August 2020, in a hotel in Zhengzhou, a man knelt on the ground in front of a room full of people, begging his wife for a divorce in pain and tears.

The man's name is Zhang Hai, who graduated from a well-known university in Shanghai and is currently an associate professor at a university in Nanchang.

His wife, Yang Nan, a classmate of his Ph.D., was looking at her husband resentfully at the moment.

A couple of doctors, who were originally envied immortal couples, at this moment, why should they tear their faces in public?

All of this stemmed from an accident in life.

In 2012, when she was studying for a doctorate in Shanghai, the shy and shy Yang Nan met Zhang Hai, a two-year-old senior.

Zhang Hai is from Anyang, Henan, 2 years older than Yang Nan. He is gentle and elegant, and has an easy-going personality. Similar family backgrounds, schooling experiences, and the same plans for the future make them feel like they meet each other too late.

Soon, they entered the marriage from the campus and became a pair of double doctoral couples that make the family proud and the envy of relatives and friends.

Yang Nan's personality is very good, simple and amiable. After marriage, Zhang Hai is also very gentle. He rushes to do housework.

In 2013, Zhang Hai went to work in Japan, while Yang Nan continued his Ph.D.

The separation of the two places did not affect the relationship of the young couple. Every weekend, they would start a video for a day. Sometimes Yang Nan was doing experiments, and Zhang Hai could also guide one or two at the other end.

With the support of her husband, Yang Nan also achieved good grades in her studies, and also won the school's second-class doctoral scholarship.

During the period, Yang Nan would also fly to Japan for reunion during the holidays, or Zhang Hai would return to China to surprise her. The two would go back to Henan to see their parents and travel all over the country together.

For their future life, they are full of expectations, and they have even considered which city to live in after graduation and have several children.

Unexpectedly, misfortune came suddenly.

In the summer of 2015, Yang Nan is about to graduate with a Ph.D. When she was doing scientific research at school, she suddenly felt unwell and dizzy. She thought it was due to the heavy graduation task and pressure, so she didn't pay much attention to it.

After the scientific research was completed, Yang Nan returned to his hometown in Luoyang to recuperate, but his symptoms did not improve significantly.

After returning to Shanghai, Yang Nan went to Huashan Hospital. The doctor's medical certificate fell on Yang Nan's head like a bolt from the blue.

"Liver cirrhosis caused by autoimmune dysfunction", Yang Nan, as a doctor, is very clear about what these words mean, if there is a problem with the immune system, it will be impossible to live without medicine.

If not treated quickly, liver cirrhosis will turn into liver ascites, and even worsen into liver cancer.

Yang Nan couldn't believe that a beautiful life had just begun, and she was about to face such bad luck. Thinking of this, she felt unbearable pain.

Knowing that Yang Nan was sick and hospitalized, Zhang Hai immediately bought a plane ticket to return to China and appeared in front of his wife.

At that time, Yang Nan was lying on the hospital bed for treatment, and Zhang Hai was with her 24 hours a day on the reclining chair next to her.

Zhang Hai has only one wish, and that is to cure his wife's illness. For this reason, he seeks medical treatment everywhere.

In October 2015, he took Yang Nan to Beijing 302 Hospital. After Yang Nan's condition stabilized, Zhang Hai found a job in Chongqing, while Yang Nan returned to her parents' home to recuperate.

Yang Nan has no source of income. In order to treat her illness, the elderly Zhang and Yang took out the savings they had accumulated for many years, and went around looking for relatives and friends to borrow money.

But her disease is like a bottomless pit, money keeps pouring into it, but it has no effect. Despite Yang Nan's active treatment, her condition worsened and she began to have blood in the stool and ascites. Lying in bed most of the day, this made the two families who were not wealthy worse.

In this situation, the Zhang family's parents began to waver. They didn't want their son to spend his life on Yang Nan.

At the beginning, Zhang Hai would send money to Yang Nan every three to five, but since March 2018, Zhang Hai stopped giving Yang Nan financial support.

Therefore, the burden of seeing a doctor for Yang Nan fell on the Yang family.

Yang Nan's parents did not have any complaints. In order to earn more for the girl's medical expenses, the 70-year-old couple went out to eat at 5:30 every day, and then dragged their trembling bodies to set up a stall. fifty dollars.

But this income was only a drop in the bucket for Yang Nan's illness. Yang Nan had to cancel the two-monthly follow-up consultation, and stopped some medicines, only keeping the minimum dose of medicine, just to prevent the rapid deterioration of the condition.

Later, Zhang Hai settled down in a college in Nanchang. Yang Nan thought that now her husband's job is stable, she can go to Nanchang, and when her condition is better, she can do housework and relieve Zhang Hai's burden.

But Zhang Hai refused to tell Yang Nan's address on the grounds that the house was rented. Every time Yang Nan went to Nanchang, Zhang Hai arranged for her to live in a hotel.

In July 2019, Yang Nan came to Nanchang again. During a quarrel, Zhang Hai even strangled Yang Nan by the neck.

The consequence of that quarrel was that Yang Nan's condition worsened, and he stayed in the Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University for more than a month and spent more than 20,000 yuan.

After that, arguing and swearing and swearing at each other between the two became the norm. Zhang Hai's mouth was "go to hell" and "waste", and he even decided to divorce.

Yang Nan, on the other hand, was wholeheartedly holding on to her husband, the life-saving straw, and begged her husband to give her some hope. She wanted to live.

But her husband was indifferent to her begging.

Yang Nan felt sad for herself. She used to be as good as her husband, but now she is like an abandoned kitten and puppy.

Due to the long-term psychological torment, Yang Nan's liver disease gradually aggravated, and her complexion became yellow and thin.

Moreover, she may bleed heavily due to emotional agitation at any time, and her blood coagulation function is not good. Once she encounters an emergency, she may not be able to rescue her.

The doctor told Yang Nan that the only way to cure her disease was to do a liver transplant, which cost about 800,000 yuan, not including the later costs.

Although 800,000 was an astronomical figure for their family, it still gave Yang Nan hope because she wanted to live.

She feels that her husband is now a university professor with a stable income and can afford the cost.

Yang Nan kept sending WeChat messages to Zhang Hai, telling him about his physical condition, but Zhang Hai always told her to be realistic and don't overdo it.

"Knowing that this disease is a bottomless pit, why do you insist on dragging the two families into the abyss of death?"

Yang Nan, who had been rejected by Zhang Hai several times, still sent messages to Zhang Hai every day, but every time the two of them got into trouble, and Zhang Hai blocked Yang Nan in the end.

In July 2020, after WeChat was blocked and Zhang Hai could not be reached by phone, Yang Nan asked Jiangxi Radio and TV Station for help.

With the help of the media from the two provinces, Yang Nan and his father came to Nanchang from Luoyang, and called Zhang Hai's cell phone again in front of the reporter, but the call was either not in the service area or no one answered.

Helpless, Yang Nan and his party had to come to the school where Zhang Hai worked. With the help of the school leaders, the reporter finally contacted Zhang Hai.

After learning of the reporter's intention, Zhang Hai said that Yang Nan's illness would cost more as the disease progressed, which ordinary people would despise.

He also said that at the age of 40, he has nothing, can't take care of his parents, and has to take advantage of the summer vacation to work to pay off his debts. He is also very aggrieved.

In the end, he said that if it is convenient for the reporter and Yang Nan is willing, he can make an appointment to meet at his hometown in Anyang.

Despite being exhausted, Yang Nan arrived at Anyang as scheduled, but Zhang Hai did not wait at home as agreed, only his parents and sister were at home.

Seeing Yang Nan, Zhang Hai's sister and father were very excited. When it came to Zhang Hai's marriage, Zhang's father began to pour bitter waters.

He said that they were about to enjoy the blessings of their children, but Yang Nan's illness had completely emptied their family, not to mention their family affairs became a topic of discussion among the villagers after dinner.

In the face of the old man's complaint, Yang Nan did not refute a word. She knew that, as Father Zhang said, the matter between her and Zhang Hai could only be resolved by the two of them.

Under the persuasion of Zhang Hai's sister, Zhang Hai agreed to make another appointment to meet in Zhengzhou.

On August 1, 2020, Yang Nan finally met Zhang Hai.

He didn't answer the reporter's question first, but made a move that surprised everyone.

He hugged Yang Nan, facing her husband's sudden concern, Yang Nan felt at a loss and resisted.

Everyone thought it had a happy ending.

Who knows, just after the hug, Zhang Hai said, "We have no feelings for a long time. It's not good for anyone to drag on like this. Don't you want me to be okay?"

Looking at this familiar and unfamiliar husband in front of her, Yang Nan couldn't figure it out. She shook her head and said, "We used to love each other so much, I don't want to drag you down so viciously, I just want to live, although I can't live as colorful as you."

Hearing what Yang Nan said, Zhang Hai couldn't help but his eyes became wet. After he proposed a divorce, Yang Nan went to live in his hometown in Anyang. He guaranteed with his life that he would take care of her.

Both Yang Nan and Yang's father rejected this plan.

Now that they haven't divorced, Zhang Hai ignored her and even attacked her personally. Moreover, Zhang Hai's mother was also ill, and it was unclear who would take care of her.

Hearing this, Zhang Hai interrupted Yang Nan's words. He said that since he received the certificate, he had given Yang Nan a total of 200,000 yuan.

But Yang Nan said that only 46,000 of the 200,000 was used for medical treatment, and the rest were the living expenses of the two. In the meantime, she had to put down her self-esteem, asked Zhang Hai for money to buy medicine again and again, and suffered blows again and again.

Zhang Hai has no objection to Yang Nan's statement. He admits that since March 2018, he has had the idea of ​​divorce.

Because Yang Nan's temperament became sensitive and suspicious after he fell ill, he only remembered his husband when he asked for money.

Especially when they went back to their hometown for Chinese New Year, Yang Nan had a bad time with her mother-in-law on the first day of the new year, which made the Zhang family feel bad, and the new year was not good.

What Zhang Hai said inside and out was that Yang Nan's willful impulsiveness made him more and more determined to divorce.

It was from that day that Zhang Hai disappeared from Yang Nan's life.

The reason why Yang Nan must find Zhang Hai, in addition to clarifying some things, she also has another reason, that is, the current parents are actually her adoptive parents.

In order to treat her, the mother who had endometrial cancer stopped the treatment and saved the money for her, and the father did everything possible to raise money for her treatment.

Knowing that she was an adopted child, Yang Nan was so shocked that she almost collapsed, because of the kind old people who never gave up on her, and because of her husband Zhang Hai, who was nowhere to be found.

Yang Nan decided to find Zhang Hai and get her legal rights back.

With the help of a psychologist, Yang Nan calmed down. Since they have become grudges, there is no point in twisting them forcibly.

Yang Nan told Zhang Hai that she was willing to divorce him, and hoped that he could find a healthy girl to marry and have children, but because he had no financial resources, the 520,000 spent on medical treatment these years were all raised by his parents, and 12 of her credit card. Wan, she hopes Zhang Hai can help her solve this problem.

Zhang Hai believes that he can only afford 300,000 yuan at most, and is willing to spend 2,000 yuan per month to guarantee Yang Nan's basic treatment before the divorce.

In order to show his sincerity, he transferred 500 yuan to Yang Nan on the spot.

Unexpectedly, Zhang Hai regretted it the next day. He said that yesterday was an impulse. After deducting the rent, supporting the elderly and repaying debts, his monthly income is only 1,000 yuan.

He even went to Luoyang Yang Nan's community with his father, holding a sign saying to pick up his wife home, and he asked where Yang Nan's family lived, saying that Yang Nan's parents would not let her go back.

Seeing that Zhang Hai was so brazen, in order to force Yang Nan to divorce and direct and act in this movie, Yang Nan couldn't bear it anymore. With the help of the Luoyang Women's Federation, she decided to take the legal route.

Traveling from two provinces to three places made Yang Nan thinner and thinner. Because of Zhang Hai's renegade, Yang Nan felt that she couldn't face her parents who gave everything for her.

Two years later, Yang Nan still did not undergo liver transplant surgery; she and Zhang Hai finally divorced, and the court ruled that Zhang Hai should pay Yang Nan 2,000 yuan per month for medicine until 300,000 yuan was paid off.

Yang Nan's story tells us that no matter how beautiful a love is, it will eventually return to the firewood, rice, oil and salt. This has nothing to do with your status. In the face of illness, life is often vulnerable.

Just like Zhang Hai and Yang Nan, even if they get a Ph.D., they still choose to escape in the face of misfortune.

Some people say why Zhang Hai can't go bankrupt and save his wife. It should not be difficult for a doctor to borrow 800,000 yuan, so that even if there is no good result, he can have a clear conscience.

It was also said that Yang Nan's illness had brought down the two families. Zhang Hai stepped aside in time to stop the loss. Between his parents and his seriously ill wife, it was right to choose to honor his parents.

Some people say that Yang Nan is too selfish. She has the IQ of a doctor, but not the emotional intelligence of a doctor. Although she is ill and can't find a job, many things can be done at home, and her husband will not look down on her.

However, we are only outsiders after all. We do not know that others are suffering, and do not persuade them to be kind.

Is Zhang Hai wrong?

When others are middle-aged, there are multiple pressures from career, economy, and parents. Human nature makes him make the best choice for himself.

Is Yang Nan wrong?

She was unfortunate enough, she just wanted to live, so she hugged the life-saving straw of her husband tightly.

It is said that husbands and wives are birds of the same forest, and when disaster strikes, they fly separately.

The stories of Zhang Hai and Yang Nan make people feel embarrassed and powerless.

I hope that in this world, there will be fewer grudge couples and more warmth.


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