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Story Of An Old Father

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By Sophia LovePublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Story Of An Old Father
Photo by Jonathan Cosens Photography on Unsplash

It may bring tears to your eyes after reading today's story, but I assure you that you will get a very strong message from this story which will make you and your family refrain from doing anything wrong that the characters of this story have done to their father. Has done it with you, will stop you from doing it. You must have come to know that this is the story of an old helpless father. There lived a man in a village who was very old. Due to which he had poor vision and had become very weak. Therefore, so that he could spend the rest of his life with his son, he went to live at his son's house living in the city.

The son lived in a small house in a city. His house was small but the things inside it were expensive. This small family of son, his wife and their 5 year old child lived together in that house. With the arrival of his old father, one more member of his family was added.

This entire family used to eat together at the dining table every morning and evening. Due to his weakness, the old father would always drop the food items and sometimes even the glass utensils would break. The daughter-in-law and son tolerated all this for a few days, but later they both started getting irritated by such actions of the old man.

One day the son said, "How long will this continue, we will have to do something." His wife also agreed with this. The next day the son brought an old table from somewhere and placed it in a corner of the house and said to his father, "You can sit here and eat dinner!" He also made a wooden vessel in which he started giving food to his old father. He had no shame in giving his father a wooden vessel to save his precious glass utensils!

Now, whenever it was time to eat, the old father would sit in a corner and eat while the rest of the family would eat at the dining table. While sitting at the dining table, both the husband and wife would sometimes look towards their old friend. He could also see tears in his father's eyes but it seemed as if they had no effect on him. The old man's grandson would also always see this scene and would remain lost in himself.

One day when the husband and wife were eating at the dining table, their child was sitting on the ground doing something. Both of them saw a piece of wood in the child's hand but they did not understand what the child was doing with the piece of wood.

When the child's father asked him, "Son, come and eat food, what are you doing sitting down?" Then the child innocently said, "Hey Mom and Dad, I am making a wooden vessel for both of you so that when you grow old, I can give you food during the day."

This simple statement given by their innocent son hit both of them like an arrow in their hearts. Both of them started looking at each other's face. Without saying anything, both of their eyes started watering and they saw the book of their future opening in front of them. It did not take them long to understand what they would have to do next.

The next day the old table was removed from the corner of the room and now the old father and the rest of the family started eating together again. Even the mistakes made by the old man due to his weakness did not irritate anyone anymore!

Friends, this story tells us that every leaf which is green today will dry up tomorrow and also fall down from the branch, so we should always take care of our elders and we should treat our parents and elders the same way we treat them. We want our children to be with us after we grow old.

Friends, do tell us by commenting how you liked this heart touching story. If you liked it then you can share it with your friends and family and especially share it with those people whose behavior towards elders is not good.

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