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love story of boy and girl

Love story

By Sophia LovePublished 3 months ago 4 min read
love story of boy and girl
Photo by Mubariz Mehdizadeh on Unsplash

In this story there is a boy named George who loves a girl. Both of them meet in the park and from there George starts liking the girl. I hope you will definitely like this love story, so read it completely. Perhaps you will feel very happy after reading this love story.

One day George goes to the shopping mall to buy some things for himself. After walking around for a while, George sees a girl. The girl was very beautiful to look at and was wearing a pink colored t-shirt and black jeans. George was very fond of her silky curly hair. After watching for a while, George wanted to talk to the girl on any pretext.

George slowly stands near the girl and starts talking to her. That girl also starts talking to George. George told that the girl lives a short distance away from his house. During his return he asked the girl's name and the girl told him her name was Julie. After the conversation, George asks the girl to help him buy a shirt and pants. The girl agrees with George and helps him buy clothes.

After some time, George and Julie come out after buying the goods. After this, George starts his car and reaches home. That girl also starts her scooter and goes to the other side. George started liking Julie after seeing her once. One day Rahul went for a walk in the morning and suddenly he saw Julie also coming in front of him. Both of them stop after seeing each other and start talking. George asked, “Do you come for a walk every day in the morning?” Then Julie replied, “Yes, I come for a walk in the morning but it is a little late today.” In this way both of them started meeting on the pretext of going for a walk in the morning. After meeting each other continuously for several days, they fell in love with each other.

Then one day George said Julie! I love you very much. I have started liking you since the first time I saw you in the park. Hearing this, Julie also expresses her love. This is how their love begins. After meeting for a long time, George and Julie became quite friendly with each other.

After that Julie asks George to meet her father. But for some reason George is unable to meet his father. Because of which Julie becomes very angry and she reaches George's house.

Julie already knew George's family, due to which she had no problem in going to George's house. After reaching home, Julie inquires about George. But it turns out that George has gone somewhere for a walk.

One day George calls Julie and tells her the whole story and calls Julie and her father to meet. A few days later, George's father dies, due to which he becomes very broken. In this difficult time, only Julie and her father support her. After several days pass, the marriage of George and Julie is fixed. After this, George starts being busy in his work. In the office where George worked, there was a woman who loved George very much but was afraid to say it. One day she somehow gathered courage and talked to George. Start doing it.

The girl was talking lovingly to George, when suddenly Julie arrives there. Julie becomes very angry after seeing George and the girl sitting together and immediately leaves from there.

George also follows Julie but she does not even look back and sits in her car and leaves for home. George takes out the mobile from his pocket and calls Julie, but Julie disconnects the call and switches off the mobile. For several days George keeps trying to call Julie but she does not answer his calls.

Even after calling for several days, Julie does not receive his call, due to which George reaches Julie's house and starts to know the reason for being angry with her. But Julie was sitting with the same routine - George! You don't love me but that woman. George explained to Julie for a long time but she was not ready to accept it in any way.

George gets completely upset and he goes home angry with Julie. The next day he goes to meet Julie's father and tells him in detail about the entire incident. After listening to everything, Julie's father tries to convince Julie. At father's insistence, Julie agrees to talk to George.

Julie calls and starts apologizing to George. George forgives her and asks to meet. Julie arrives at the park to meet George where he was already waiting.

Julie goes and stands near George and hugs them and starts crying. George cannot see Julie's grief and he also starts crying. People sitting in the park were watching this scene.

After this both of them sit and start talking to each other. For the first time, both of them sat together and talked for several hours. Then after getting up from there, both of them leave for their home. After about 6 months, Julie and George get married. A few days after the marriage, George starts his own business.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran3 months ago

    Hi Sophia, it would be more suitable to post this in the Fiction community 😊

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