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A sad woman and her husband

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By Sophia LovePublished 3 months ago 4 min read
A sad woman and her husband
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How many times have I told you, my breakfast has to be ready before I get ready. Even after 25 years of marriage, why do I have to tell you the same thing again and again, what about you? You will stay comfortably at home, I have to go to work. It's you who always acts like a fool. If you do this deliberately then remember no one will be worse than me." Even today, David's temper was high. This unnecessary anger of David was not a new thing for Sophia. He lashed out at Sophia like this three to four times a month. Used to study. Earlier, Sophia used to oppose him but when no change was seen in David for many years, Lata changed herself. Now, whatever David said did not make any difference to Sophia. Everything David said She would listen quietly with her head down. If there was any argument, David would directly tell Sophia, "If you don't like me, why don't you go to your parents' home?" Why do you live with me? Despite everything, Sophia lived with David because she was worried about her daughter. And that caste also said that she did not want to trouble her old parents at this age. What will society and people say? He had to see this also. She was not even educated enough to go and do a job on her own and support herself and her daughter. Sophia was no longer worried about herself. All he was worried about was his daughter who was getting married. Sophia did not want her daughter to be disturbed due to the fight between husband and wife.

A few days later, a good news came for Sophia's daughter Julie, relatives and acquaintances also praised the boy. David sat next to his daughter one evening and told her, "Julie, he is a very nice boy. He is educated, has a big house, a very good job. Such relationships do not come often, son. Don't say no to this relationship." Julie did not talk to her father much. Maybe she was afraid or maybe she hated it, but today she gathered all her courage and said, "I don't want to get married right now, Dad. I want to do a job. I want to stand on my own feet. So what's the big deal in that? I have talked to the boy. He won't stop you for anything. You can work even after marriage. He will give you permission for the job." David said. Why would my doing or not working depend on his permission, Papa?" Julie asked.

I am saying, you will not lack anything there. Such relationships do not come again and again. Don't reject it, you will be very happy there." David said. Papa, will I be as happy as mom is happy in this house?" Julie said sarcastically. Isn't your tongue working much today? David said with wide eyes in anger. Papa, I don't want to get married because after marriage, what will I do if that boy turns out to be like you? I don't want a life partner like you who always yells at me without any reason. If I want to buy anything of my choice, I have to think 10 times lest he gets angry. No matter what my health is, he doesn't care. When the roti becomes a little thick, take it home. Even if his check book is not found, blame me only. And on every small issue he asks me to go to my parents' house. Julie poured out her heart and told everything to Papa.

Julie did not keep quiet even after saying that much, today for the first time she was saying so much in front of her father, "Papa, you have always misbehaved with mother. You take out the anger of your office on mother without ever thinking about it." Don't even care about how they would feel! Hearing your words, mother lost her self-respect. Today for the first time, Prashant was able to realize the consequences of his behavior and he could only say, "Do whatever you want, I So I'm so bad, aren't I? Julie held David's hand and said, "Papa, answer me just one question. Would you like my husband to be like you? If your answer is yes, then please marry me today. And no." If so, then let me become self-reliant. David could not say anything and went out silently from there. Today he was feeling shy to go in front of Sophia. Tears were flowing from his eyes while walking. From today onwards David will Decided to change.

From the next day Sophia noticed a lot of change in her husband. She started thinking that if I had shown the courage that Julie has shown earlier, perhaps the situation would have been different today. Now Julie had started doing a good job after getting education and after 3 years a good relationship came for her and on her farewell David said, "Son, you will always be happy because your husband is not like your father." Hearing this from Prashant, Sophia and Julie Tears started flowing from his eyes.

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