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Once upon a time

piercing green eyes

By Guru MoorthyPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Once upon a time
Photo by Ingo Stiller on Unsplash

Once upon a time, in the heart of the African savanna, there lived a powerful lion named Ruk. Ruk was a magnificent lion with golden fur and piercing green eyes. He was known as the king of the savanna, feared by all animals who roamed the land. But Ruk was not just a fierce predator, he was also a lion with a heart of gold.

Ruk had been born in the wild, like most lions. But one day, when he was just a cub, he was captured by a group of hunters. They had planned to sell him to a circus, where he would spend the rest of his life in a small cage, forced to perform tricks for humans. But fate had other plans for Ruk.

The hunters had been intercepted by a kind and wise man named Guru, who had convinced them to let Ruk go free. Guru had taken Ruk under his wing and had raised him as his own. He had provided him with food, shelter, and love, and had taught him everything he knew about the world.

Ruk had grown up to be a powerful and loyal lion. He had learned to hunt, to protect his territory, and to respect the other animals of the savanna. But above all, he had learned to love his human owner, Guru, with all his heart.

Guru and Ruk had a special bond. They spent most of their days together, exploring the savanna, and playing in the sun. Guru would often sit by Ruk's side, stroke his fur, and talk to him about life. Ruk would listen intently, purring with contentment.

But despite their love for each other, Guru knew that Ruk belonged in the wild. He knew that it was not right for a lion to be kept as a pet, even if that lion was his best friend. So, Guru had decided to take Ruk back to the wild, where he could live freely as he was meant to.

The day had finally come for Guru and Ruk to say goodbye. Guru had prepared a feast for Ruk, his favorite meat, and had invited all the animals of the savanna to join in the celebration. As they feasted, Guru and Ruk shared one last moment together.

"I will miss you, my friend," Guru said, stroking Ruk's fur. "But I know that you belong in the wild, where you can be free."

Ruk looked up at Guru with his green eyes, filled with love and gratitude. He knew that Guru was right. He knew that he belonged in the wild, where he could run and play and hunt with his fellow lions.

And so, with a heavy heart, Guru said goodbye to Ruk and watched as he disappeared into the savanna. For a while, Guru sat there, feeling sad and lonely. But then he remembered the moments they had shared together and the love they had for each other. And he knew that even though Ruk was gone, he would always be in his heart.

As for Ruk, he had returned to the wild, where he had quickly become the king of his territory. He roamed the savanna, hunting and playing with his fellow lions, and living life to the fullest. But even though he was free, he never forgot the love and kindness that Guru had shown him. And in his heart, he knew that he would always be grateful to his human friend.

Years passed, and Ruk grew old and wise. He had many cubs, who he loved and protected with all his heart. And as he watched his cubs grow up and leave the den, he knew that he had done his job as a father and a protector.

And then one day, as the sun was setting over


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