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Oh Grandpa

Oh Grandpa

By FATIMA KISSAMIPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
Oh Grandpa
Photo by Johnny Cohen on Unsplash

To see those who are the eyeball of the eye, and the foam of the heart, suffering, and you have no help or strength except to pray, hope for good, and suffer for their great affliction,the diseaseIt does not harm the patient, but rather all those who love him. It is a test that atones sins, and in it we learn lessons that we rarely know in others.the healthThank God..

My grandfather, may God protect and protect you. You were well in every space. You are the first father before my father. You are the laugh that makes me laugh. You are comfort and joy. You are hope and contemplation. You are strength before weakness. You are the support and support. Your illness hurt me and your fatigue made me cry, but it is the year of the universe, my grandfather. O brave, kind, upright example, cheerful man with an enlightened face, you are my strength and your heart is my energy. I cherish you as an honest goat, and you know that well...

Your illness was not taken into account, even if it was one of the most difficult things you are going through..

Your eager tongue of praise, thank you. The strength of your patience makes me feel how weak I seem without the strength of faith. You were a lesson and wisdom, and a lesson that will not be erased. You were patient through the greatest difficulties. Your warm greeting conveys your longing and love while you were on your sick bed. I prevailed in the trial and I still stand tall, a missile in patience. No. A trick other than endurance and patience..

I am happy with you, my role model in my childhood and old age, my love with me in all my paths, your frail body, your intelligible stutters, patience, O intrepid one, and I swear you were and still are setting an example with patience, and with certainty a path, my grandfather, my love for your prayers, for your satisfaction, for your support, for your light that resembles the Virgin in Abandon her.. I was the decent orphan boy, I became the good young man, I became the understanding father, and I became the loving grandfather. I wrote this paragraph during the period of your illness. I did not know thatdeathIt will surprise you, and it will remain a memory. I did not know that these were your last days, otherwise I would have hugged you tightly. A hug is enough for me for all these days without you.

- Your death

You are gone, but your spirit is in every detail of my life. Your smile, your look, and your voice still haunt me. Yes, I was broken when you left. I am at peace that you are with the One who loves you most, with the Most Merciful, the Most Merciful, the One who chose you for eternal rest with your Creator, God willing, in gardens as wide as the heavens and the earth. With whom you lived according to his will in every movement and stillness, with whom you lived your life truly worshiping, you were the best role model...the best servant in enduring harm, you were my father, my friend, my grandfather, my brother, my arrogance, my pride...

Do you know, grandfather, that a part of me collapsed inside me? I became hard after you. Even crying no longer healed my heartache. Suddenly I was back where zero is from the top to the bottom. Your departure was inevitable, but I did not want you to leave. I wished I had more of my life until I was satisfied with you. You were the shoulder at the time. Brokenness and laughter at the time of tears are a balm that heals all the scars of life and gives peace of mind..

Who will I tell now? If longing kills me, where will I see you? If I am tired, to whom will I complain about my worries? Who will I find waiting for me on Eid?

You know, my first Eid without you, everything is incomplete, vague and incomplete, a broken joy with a smile that overcomes sadness...

When you died, I felt the brokenness of Abu Bakr at the death of the Messenger of God, when he knelt down, kissing him and crying, and sadness surrounded the Companions and the honorable family of the family. A brokenness that cannot be healed by crying or even screaming. You were and will remain the best father, the best neighbor, the best honest, the best righteous, the best grandfather, and can someone like you be forgotten? Oh good!!

As if life is not enough, hopefully a new meeting in the Gardens of the Most Merciful. Do you know, grandfather, my wish is to become like you, in every detail of your life, to pass by like a breeze on every path, to have good prayers showered upon me from where I do not know, to learn that patience is the key to relief, That the vicissitudes of life do not shake me, I want that stability hidden in your eyes, that kindness that comes from the heart, and wherever I pass, I leave flowers, love, and joy...

You know, as if you were not dead, I wished that when you were gone, I could run away to you and tell you that you were gone. I am still in the silence of shock and that you are alive or that you are traveling and will return.My heart still longs for you when you are lost

Even in a dream, I wake up missing you. Do you know that even words, even the letters of the language, will not express or convey the extent of your meaning in my life, nor will it satisfy my passion to talk about you?..

PassDays and prayersAll I have, and the patience to move forward in a life empty of you, may we meet soon.

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