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New York Professor Fathers Almost 100 Kids With Over Fifty Women And Says He Is Not Done Yet— My Opinion

Popularly known as The Sperminator, 42-year-old Nigel Ari has fathered almost a hundred kids with over 50 women and still says he is not done yet. Is this acceptable? Shouldn't the government intervene?

By Mrs HPublished about a year ago 5 min read

Although l applaud the Professor for helping couples who struggle with conceiving and doing his best to be involved in the kids' lives, I have deep concerns about everything, and l would love to share them without intending to offend anyone. According to him, he always wanted to have a big family because of his background, but is this the right way of doing it?

Not long ago, Nigel travelled to Africa to offer his sperm to three women struggling to get pregnant. As an African born and bred in Zimbabwe, l completely understand why these women have opted for this solution. Besides the unreasonable amount of IVF that many can not afford, the actual struggle is with the community.

According to our customs and culture, women are automatically expected to produce kids within a specific age group. If you are already married, stepping over the one-year mark worsens the situation, and failure to have at all is another story. The woman will face many challenges, including stigma, humiliation, name-calling, and being sent back to her family. The most painful thing is that the man is automatically ruled out as a possible contributing factor to the situation. It is always the woman's fault.

Without love and support from family and friends, which is rare to find in these cases, most women end up taking their own lives to escape the shame. This, in turn, contributes to high rates of suicide deaths within the country and the continent at large.

However, since Nigel has a different skin tone, my fears and concerns go to the children as they grow. The same name-calling the women are trying to run away from might come back to bite their kids in the future. If they were Albinos, that is a different case. Africa has lived peacefully with them, but the challenge might be with them being mixed race or completely white without a white male figure in the family.

Names like "Bastard" might become the order of the day for the poor child, especially from community members. Chances of having any friends to play with are also slimmer in such circumstances, leading to the child feeling lonely, depressed and questioning its existence. This is a first-hand experience with my friend. She was married to a white American, and after divorce, she took her kids back home, not knowing things would turn up negatively.

1) There is a high risk of Incest/inbreeding relationships

Since his kids are everywhere, there are higher chances in the future for some falling in love without knowing that they are half-siblings. Unfortunately, children born out of incest are at a greater risk of things like congenital disorders, death, and developmental and physical disabilities, which l feel is unfair, especially in this scenario. It wouldn't have happened on purpose, but they won't be a way to turn things around.

2) No trading license

As far as l know, the Sperminator is not legally recognised or bound to any legal document. This might mean that there is a chance that none of the partners involved is pre-checked for any diseases before the process. Though Nigel claims that he doesn't do it in an old-fashioned way anymore (sex) but now provides the sperm in a cup, it is pretty hard to believe as it contradicts his previous remarks on the Maury Show not long ago.

“Around a dozen of my children were conceived the old-fashioned way.”

My concern is not for him or the mother involved but for the children. What if one of them is HIV+ and the mother fails to take necessary precautions to protect the baby? I used to work for Restless Development, and raising awareness on such topics was my daily job. As much as centuries come and go, I realised the most painful truth, HIV Stigmatisation still heavily exists, and the victims are not living freely. We worked tirelessly to try and rewire their mindset but remember, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. Some openly expressed and vowed that even sharing a plate or a cup with a positive person was out of the picture for them, and It didn't matter if the disease was transmitted in that way or not.

I remember one day during one of my sessions, one woman said

“ l drink my tablets in peace because my parents did not pass this deadly disease to me, but my daughter struggles and defaults because I gave it to her. She did not look for it. Given a chance, l would do things differently. Not for me but for her”.

Tears rolled down my face, and all l could wish for at that moment was superpowers to turn things around for her. In such situations, you count yourself blessed for not living with such pain as a parent. This is my fear of what Nigel was doing. When an HIV+ person defaults, it affects their CD4 account and allows the virus to weaken the immune system, reducing their chances of living longer.

3) Is it Ethical

Since Ari does not charge for his services but is paid in 'hugs and kisses" from his children, it somehow makes me support what he's doing. We all know how expensive IVF is without guaranteeing the baby to full term, and most people can't afford it. On the other hand, Ari's Sperm seems to move like a tornado. Only one out of all the women could not carry to full term. I get it, the man is blessed beyond measure, and there is a reason why the heavens gave him such a rare blessing. However, does that mean what he is doing is ethical, especially since he offers his sperm in places like casinos, Starbucks toilets, and any public place he feels comfortable? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below — I am torn on this one.

4) Responsibility

As much as the Sperminator claims to support his kids, I think we can all agree that parenthood isn't about putting food on the table only. Nigel mentioned that despite not initially not having a no child support agreement, most women have turned against their words, and he now pays child support. However, as a Professor, l doubt he makes enough to cater to almost a hundred kids and his 17-year-old son, whom he had before all this.

Secondly, since these kids call him Dad, he is responsible for fully supporting them in all aspects of life. How is that possible since he's never around them day in and day out or hardly ever—l mean, most of the time, he is on the road to the next person who wants his sperm. God forbid, but l think there is a high chance of the girls growing up with daddy issues, and statistics show that most male kids who grow up without a father figure in their lives turn out to be problematic. I think Ari does not see the impact his absence will have on the kids later on, but as l said, this is just my opinion.

I hope everything works out for him and everyone involved, especially those little angels.


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