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My mother….

Today is a day, like every day that I celebrate you because you deserve to feel how much you are loved.

By Kristen ViscardiPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

My mother often gets overlooked for her strength and significance in our family. We are all quick to praise our father, grandmother, and anyone else who has persevered and had a strong presence in our lives – But my mom is truly the glue.

Let me tell you why.

She is my best friend, she holds me accountable, and she is also my fiercest advocate – she has always believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. She does not wear rose-colored glasses, but she sees my potential and has never judged my decisions. My mother has a quietly strong presence – she doesn’t need to be acknowledged or gain praise to feel loved, she gives and gives without wanting anything in return.

She was a young mother, she always put us first – her existence revolved around our happiness, family truly means everything in her eyes. Her heart is full when she is surrounded by her children and mostly her grandchildren. Her home is a place of love, and even though her grandchildren are grown, they visit daily, and weekly for a home-cooked meal and laughs.

My mother was always the softer parent, the one you went to for any crisis, or dilemma because her advice and support were empathetic, and kind. She has gotten up there in years but appears to age backward – you would be shocked at her age because she looks 20 years younger! My mother hasn’t always had it easy in life like most of us, but her ability to move forward and face things head-on is something to be admired – she does not crumble.

Have I mentioned that she is healthy as a horse? She has never smoked or drank, and she still walks 5 miles a day -she is the fountain of youth, even though she would deny it! Our meals were always home cooked and her ravioli's are the best in the world.

My mother stepped up to the plate when I needed her help for at least a decade raising my children.

My children are so very close to her, their relationship is special and a joy to watch.

My mother is an amazingly brave woman, and has had to become stronger recently, - I am in awe of her love and adoration during times of hardship. As I reflect on a conversation I had with her last night, it brings me to tears seeing her loyalty and commitment to her husband and family. She so eloquently stated in the most genuine tone speaking about my father, “There isn’t anyplace I would rather be, I am where I should be.

We’ve made a life together, and this life has come with ups and downs, but it’s been a great life and there isn’t anyone else I would rather be with. We are blessed and need to look at ALL the reasons to be happy.

Mom, I am so very proud of the mother, friend, and woman you are. Your value to this family does not go unnoticed. You are irreplaceable – you are a warrior, and I hit the jackpot with mothers.

I know your heart is full seeing me happy after so many years of hardship, but remember you raised me to be strong, to face the challenges in life, and to move forward knowing that life is a gift.

Today is a day, like every day that I celebrate you because you deserve to feel how much you are loved.

My mother…. I can't imagine this life without you. You are one of a kind, the best kind. Thank you for putting up with all of us and loving us the way you do.


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Kristen Viscardi

I’m just a lady who still believes in dreams manifesting. I’ve raised my 3 kids as a single mom working multiple jobs and now I am looking for what makes me happy.

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  • Tina D'Angelo2 months ago

    You are a lucky daughter, and your mother is fortunate that you know it!

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