“Mr. Jones & Me”

How my brother’s suicide & the Counting Crows inspired our community to live and love more fully!

“Mr. Jones & Me”
You are never alone.

My name is Adrianna Rose O’Daniel and I am a medium. I was born in 1988 and have felt energies around me all my life. It was not until my younger brother Nick’s suicide in 2014, that I realized what I was experiencing, and ALSO confirmed I was not secretly insane. Nick was 24 when he shot himself, at an age I believe one can feel the most pressure as well as lost. Looking back 6 years ago, I was definitely lost, and way too busy managing a restaurant. Because of Nick’s suicide, I could finally make sense of my synchronicities, my gifts and then learn how to use them to help myself and others. Fortunately my brother loved music and festivals, so a lot of my brother’s messages come from songs, and one song in particular reminds me he is always energetically supporting me. That song is called “Mr. Jones”, by the Counting Crows.

My brother Nick was given the nickname “Mr. Jones” or “Jonesy” because he embodied the energy of “Mr. Jones”. The song was played at every party Nick attended in his honor. Nick was the kid that knew the entire school freshmen year and connected the other high schools too. He threw a party almost every weekend because he felt compelled to connect others and bring everyone together. Nick was a leader, always using his power to stand up for the underdog. You would often find him talking to the person no one else cared to speak to or finding the one person in the room needing a strong hug. As a super man for many and a protective male energy, being emotionally vulnerable regarding his own feelings was not his strength. Nick preferred to be the one everyone else came to for an uplifting positive conversation or energy boost. I can recall a week before my brother died, seeing him and thinking “what if he commits suicide?” What an awful thought, I said to myself! After a shameful moment, I dismissed the idea and went on about my day. Lesson learned and I will never ignore my intuition again!

My brother’s suicide was a horrificly devastating human experience that emotionally paralyzed myself, as well as those still grieving. His funeral brought hundreds of people together and I can honestly say my brother’s suicide saved everyone that loved him. As a community, we were woken up and reminded of how precious each day is and how important it is to communicate our feelings. Some were inspired to chase their dreams, while others were inspired to go to rehab and get sober. We check on one another more often now, celebrate life in his honor, paying more attention to the strong ones. After Nick’s death, the song magically played for me and our loved ones, especially in times when we were thinking of him. It felt like he was winking at us in those moments and his energy was there. I realized Nick gave me the clues I needed and the energetic push to go deeper into my own life experiences, purposeful gifts, thoughts and actions. He left me physically in the 3D and became my guide. Nick helps me more now than he ever could before and for that I am humbly blessed and grateful.

A particularly important moment when “Mr.Jones” started to play after Nick passed, I was managing my brother’s favorite local sushi restaurant called Kanpai, which means “Cheers!”. It is an intimate Asian bistro where many creatives gather to get away from crowds because there are only 13 tables. Kanpai’s energy is unique and made up of the best local homemade crab rangoon, mouthwatering sushi, and craft beer specials too! It’s a vibe, just like “Mr. Jones”.

During this dark, rainy Sunday night, I came out into the front of house to do table visits. There was an older woman sitting alone in the corner and right away I could feel an energetic push to go speak to her, ignoring everyone else. She had come in a few times before (with her 20-something year old daughter, who I recognized as an old hostess from years ago). There was a connection between us and almost immediately the gal told me she had been contemplating suicide after she finished her dinner. I have always been very intuitive and strangers naturally feel comfortable opening up, spilling their emotional guts to me. So I instantly began counseling the woman, sharing my brother’s story, and as I opened my mouth, “Mr. Jones” started blaring out of our speakers. I knew right then and there, my brother had brought her to me and connected us so I could help her see a way out of the darkness. You see, everyone experiences dark night’s of the soul and it is our free will to decide how we each handle those feelings of sadness and loneliness. The truth is we are never alone, especially energetically. Reaching out for support shows true strength and courage, yet in our darkest moments, our ego often tells us no one will care to understand. My brother wishes he had not given into his darkness and shot himself. Nick was our protector, and he never would have wanted anyone to find him with his head blown off in our mother’s guest house. But the darkness took over and he couldn’t see in those final moments.

Back to the suicidal lady in my restaurant, I told her of my medium gifts and stories of my brother sending me messages through songs. We both began to cry as she started to think about her daughter and soon she blurted out, “Well I just want to reassure you I’m never going to commit suicide now. When I leave I will go spend time with my daughter and look into therapy.”

In that moment I knew my job with her was done and I would never see her again. I thanked her for connecting with me and allowing me to share Nick’s story. I went back to my desk and cried my eyes out telling my brother how much I wish I could have helped him the way I helped that lady. I was still healing and in that moment I didn’t care that there is a divine order behind everything that happens. My heart ached and I just wanted to to hold my brother. So in a sense, the lady helped me too because I was able to release my sadness. Carrying around sadness and grief can manifest into bodily sickness, so it’s always best we cry or sweat those emotions out!

For anyone experiencing signs and synchronicities of life after death, this is confirmation from the universe you are spot on with your feelings, baby! Mr. Jones and me say so. You are never alone. You are sacred and the world wouldn’t be the same without you and your gifts. We love you, no matter what. Peace be with you, always!!!

Adrianna Rose O’Daniel

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