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Mother in the daughter's wedding, to speak these three words

Not only does it show the pattern but also makes the child happy

By Shi WeiPublished 5 months ago 5 min read

Parents will give their wedding speeches at their children's wedding ceremonies, hoping that their children will be happy and successful in their marriages. The majority of parents will follow the old saying and a few "heartfelt" wishes, such as "a hundred years of good cooperation, longevity", "the hand of the son, and the son grow old together" and so on.

The parents who have a pattern will be unique, the wedding speech may seem short, but contains a deeper meaning, and the children will be happier in marriage.

The mother at the daughter's wedding, speaks these three words, not only to show the pattern can also to make the child happy

A mother at her daughter's wedding sent his wedding speech: Today is my daughter's wedding big day, she will start a new life with their loved ones, I am happy for her.


Amidst the applause of relatives and friends, the mother spoke three words that were enough to show her big picture -

"Don't stay at home after marriage, but still go out to work."

"Have a baby at the right age and plan."

"You have to run your own little family and also go home often to see your parents."

The mother's words seem ordinary but full of deep meaning so the crowd is touched, she is explicitly blessing the new couple, and hiding hints, so that people have to admire her pattern.

Netizens were touched by the mother's words and left comments.

"Her words speak the heart of the world's parents, not only to show their pattern but also will make their daughter happier."

"Really a good mother, gave me a vivid lesson."

"Wise mother, speaks so congenially."

There is no doubt that this is a mother with a pattern, and the wedding speech she gave to her daughter did not have magnificent words, but it was easier to move the hearts of people and resonated with most people.

What is the deep meaning of this mother's three words? Ensures that her daughter's marriage will not go wrong

Hope her daughter will remain financially independent

When women get married, they often have to balance family and career, but it is difficult to do both.

Especially after having a baby, some women will choose to be full-time mothers and devote themselves to taking care of their families and babies, but they also lose their work and economic independence, and these women will gradually lose their bottom line in life and even become a burden in the eyes of men and be disliked.

The mother, in the past, warned her daughter not to leave the workplace after marriage.

After all, women only maintain economic independence, and have enough self-confidence, in the future married life, will not be constrained to maintain synchronized development with their husbands, the marriage will be long-lasting, harmonious, and happy; can also avoid, and the relationship between the husband and wife when the problem is difficult to move an inch.

▼I hope my daughter will have a baby sooner

As young people face greater pressure in life, and work pressure, always want family economic conditions better, and then consider the birth of a baby, despite the face of the elderly on both sides of the "push", some young people will still delay childbirth.

But the best age for women is only a few years, once you miss the best age for childbirth, the damage to women's bodies after childbirth will be greater, and the body will recover more slowly.

This mother hopes that her daughter, early to have a baby in the family plan, is ready to conceive a baby, rather than just delay. Otherwise, waiting until the daughter is older to have a baby will not only cause more damage to the body but also make it difficult to recover the body to a better state. Especially at an advanced age, the risk of having a baby will be even greater.

Since you are planning to have a baby, why not have a baby while you are at the best age? This is good for women's physical recovery after giving birth, and the elderly can also help their children take care of the baby while they still have the energy.

▼Want my daughter to visit home more often

Today's young people are so busy and stressed at work that they don't have time to go back and visit their parents. Even if they have some free time, young people want to have their own independent space and do not want to be entangled with their parents. Although parents earnestly expect their children to come home, the days when their children come home are getting fewer and fewer.

The mother hopes that her daughter often comes home to see, not because there is a small family, forget about the parents at home gradually aging, the world's parents are the same, as long as their children often come home to see, it has been satisfied.

After her daughter gets married and sets up her own family, she will have to face a new family living alone in the future, perhaps with sweetness and happiness, perhaps with storms and hardships, and her mother hopes that her daughter will be able to maintain her financial independence and good health after her marriage, which is the wealth that will accompany her throughout her life.

The mother also hopes that her daughter can go home to see her parents in her spare time, to comfort their loneliness and solitude.

The mother's words seem simple, but they are also very profound and contain a different meaning. After her daughter is married, her parents are her daughter's biggest support, and they welcome her home at any time.

Parents have deep expectations for their daughters, no matter what, they want their daughters to have a job and a healthy body so that they will not fall into the trivialities of marriage and family in the future, and financial independence will give their daughters the greatest confidence and freedom so that they are not bound by marriage and not tied to their families.


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